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How to Choose a Superyacht for Charter? Miami Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

With so many luxury yachts available for charter, we have created this yacht charter guide to help you choose the right one.

If you are not familiar with the term "charter," it simply means renting a sailboat or motor yacht for a specific period of time. In Miami, chartering has become a popular experience - ideal for celebrating special occasions.

Below are some important considerations, as well as a list of Miami Living's favorite yachts to charter:

1. Budget

Be clear and honest with the amount you want to spend. Set a realistic amount and inquire about any additional costs that are not covered by the charter rate. This will help you understand additional costs such as berthing fees (fees for staying in a marina or harbour overnight), fuel, food, etc.

2. Location

Inquire about the exact location of the yacht, including how to get to and from your charter yacht, including your preferred destinations. It is also a good idea to ask about popular destinations, preferred times, etc.

3. Number of Guests

Depending on the number of guests and duration of your yacht charter, the number of accommodations is very important. For example, if you plan to stay overnight and have children, inquire about double berths or bunk beds. Also keep in mind that the maximum number of guests allowed by law on many charter yachts is 12. If you go beyond 12 people, the vessel must be registered under the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (also known as SOLAS). Other important items to consider are cabin confirmation, handicap access, and crew training.

4. Amenities

It is important to inquire about any amenities the yacht may have, such as the type of food offered, number of meals, etc. It is also always a good idea to communicate any special dietary needs. Activities such as scuba diving, fishing and snorkelling are sometimes offered on board, but do not assume this. Some yachts may require special liability or insurance coverage for diving. So inquire about what activities are available while chartering a yacht.

5 - Style and Design

Chartering a yacht is like renting a house. They come in different sizes, designs and styles. So look around and choose the yacht that fits your style and budget. If you prefer a sailing yacht over a motor yacht, be sure to make that clear, as it will affect your charter options, including price and overall accommodation configuration.


The following yachts have been popular choices among locals and visitors:

  • Four-Hour Private Boat Rental at Thirsty Yachts

  • Enjoy Miami’s scenic views from aboard from this yacht. Captain, stewardess, fuel and numerous amenities included including bathroom, cooler filled with ice, bottled water, adult and kids’ life jackets, high-definition Bluetooth JL sound system throughout the yacht, water carpet, snorkeling mask and more.

  • Click here for Thursty Yachts special rates and discounts

  • Enjoy a cruise aboard the luxury yacht as we cruise closely past the ‘Homes of the Rich and Famous” located on the exclusive islands of Bal Harbor, Miami Beach and Fisher Island. The entire tour lasts about 4 hours and the captain will provide a detailed and personalized tour of the present and past residents and homes of Fisher Island, Star Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island and the Venetian Islands. The tour also covers the skyline of Downtown Miami, the Miami River and Brickell Avenue.

  • Click here for special rates and discounts

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of each featured yacht


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