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How to Achieve The Classy Old Florida Look on Your Patio

Updated: Apr 8

Florida's abundant sunshine and changing weather patterns work together to lend a laid-back vibe,full of sun-kissed earthy hues. As such designers like to incorporate a mix of light and fresh elements into the contemporary patio designs.

Outdoor living is a big part of Old Florida style living,so you would want your patio to complement your indoor theme as well.

Patio design trends are constantly evolving,but in the realm of home decor,an old lifestyle look which is again rapidly gaining in popularity and is new again is the Old Florida design.

The style dates back to the early 90s in Florida,and adopts on using building materials that are indigenous to the state,such as cypress and cedar for interiors and brick,white paint,rugs,wicker furniture for the outdoors.

An Old Florida look for the patio will make it seem highly functional, elegant and classy and one that will never go out of style and infuses an evolved and eclectic feel.

A vintage Florida design scheme should include lots of wicker furniture,at least two porch rocking chairs with woven rush seats which are all distinct features of this style.

Further,the furniture should be grouped for intimate conversation, considering the fact that there was no television in the early 1900s and people arranged their furniture in a way that they could sit and talk comfortably.

Old trunks can double up as coffee or side tables,whisky barrels can be used as planters,while vintage plates can be hung on a limestone retaining wall along with landscape paintings.

Your patio color scheme should be one that avoids bright shades and focuses on creamy yellow soft green or all shades of brown. Use gentle stripes and small tapestry prints,rather than bold florals.

Today's rugs are durable and washable as against the fake-grass carpet designs of yesterday. By using an indoor outdoor rug that can withstand the elements,your patio can make a stylish statement, without breaking your back or your bank.

Create a classic outdoor space for family meals by converting your patio into a casual dining area by hanging oversized woven jute pendant lights over the dining table.This back porch style was very popular in Miami in the 1930s.

An open kitchen nearby can feature a large free-standing partition,which can house the cooktop on one side and a dish pantry on the other with an island in the center where people could pitch in with prep.

A typical Old Florida design could be a blend of traditional and a little eclectic. In order to keep it cohesive, don't be afraid to mix some modern pieces with vintage ones to give a curated and comfortable look.

To sum up, incorporating the Old Florida look into your patio will make everyday life feel like a vacation.Moreover the number of ways to express this style are plentiful and are sure to complement the unique natural beauty of Florida.

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By Armughan Zaigham. Images courtesy of Freepik.


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