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How ONYX Radiance’s Smart Textiles Are Transforming Skin and Wellbeing

ONYX Radiance is the groundbreaking brand helping people worldwide improve their skin health and overall wellbeing through items they already use, like pillowcases, clothing, and other wearable goods, all thanks to next-gen smart fabrics.

ONYX leverages the natural therapeutic healing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of minerals like Zinc and Silver to restore and calm the skin.

Empowering Overnight Recovery

We sleep for more than a third of our lives. These hours we spend asleep are known as the most significant time for skin healing, rejuvenation, and restoration, including collagen and elastin synthesis. As the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it is also a powerful conduit for the transportation of beneficial minerals and compounds.

ONYX Radiance’s mission is to utilize the previously untapped wellbeing potential of our sleeping hours and maximize this highly valuable window of opportunity for enhanced skincare.

Inclusive Skincare

ONYX supports and embraces diversity, by providing beauty and wellness benefits for all individuals. Their goal is for everyone to feel good in their skin, and let their true selves shine through.

ONYX makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience of superior skincare from start (packaging) to finish (continued use).

With ONYX Radiance, you can feel good in your own skin and be yourself!

ONYX Radiance Technology

ONYX constantly seeks out the most innovative fabric production technologies to help the body benefit from the remarkable powers of infused natural minerals. Their smart textiles release Zinc or Silver ions to help treat a variety of skin concerns.

The Pillowcases

ONYX’s bestselling pillowcases are 100% Egyptian combed cotton sateen (500 thread count) and approved under OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, the strictest standard for textiles in the industry.

They offer two pillowcases enriched with natural compounds that contain extremely powerful yet gentle cleansing and revitalizing properties. These innovative pillowcases release Zinc or Silver ions, helping your facial skin gain a fresher and more radiant look, all while you sleep!

While their Therapeutic Zinc-Infused Pillowcase offers visible results in as little as 2 weeks, the Lunar Beauty Silver-Infused Pillowcase works through a slow-release process for optimal anti-aging results, that can be seen in 1-3 months with consistent use.

ONYX customers take their pillowcases wherever they go, to continue seeing amazing results and treating their skin to a safe, clean surface even when in hotels and planes.

Product Focus: Zinc-Infused Acne Pillowcase

Zinc is the indispensable skincare ingredient secret that has the necessary properties needed to heal the skin; making it the ideal mineral to help alleviate acne, and other skin conditions!

ONYX Radiance’s Zinc Therapeutic Pillowcase has naturally antibacterial properties due to the infusion of the powerful Zinc compound. The Zinc pillowcase can assist in improving the symptoms of various skin and scalp conditions, including:

• Acne

• Atopic Dermatitis

• Seborrhea

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

• Dandruff caused by a fungus

Product Focus: Silver-Infused Anti-aging Pillowcase

Wake up every day with firmer, more radiant, and freshly glowing skin!

The Lunar Beauty Pillowcase, infused with Silver ions, promotes a hygienic, clean sleep environment – something that is especially in demand due to the COVID era and the “clean sleeping” wellness movement – and can even support improved breathing overnight.

With regular use, the Silver Ion Anti-aging Pillowcase promotes:

· Skin firmness

· Radiance and youthful glow

· Reduced wrinkle depth

· Reduced blemishes by fighting bacteria

· Brighter complexion

· Stronger hair roots, for less hair loss

· Calmer and cleaner sleep

ONYX Radiance Product Line

In Addition to the mineral infused pillowcases, ONYX products enable people to enhance their skin’s health and general well-being through items they already use, like a headscarf, a T-shirt, and face masks.


ONYX offers a Zinc infused T-shirt which helps to combat body acne and other skin conditions while also reducing bodily odor and itchy and uncomfortable skin. Their Zinc infused headwrap helps to strengthen the hair from root to tip which greatly reduces hair loss, while also helping calm the scalp from concerns such as dandruff and discomforts.

Lastly, ONYX also offers either a Zinc or Silver face mask which deters up to 99% of germs while helping improve the appearance of the skin. 

The ONYX Radiance Difference

ONYX Radiance customers around the world are amazed by the changes that their smart textile products have brought to their lives.

In addition to dramatic changes in their skin’s overall appearance and condition, customers have reported better sleep quality and a reduction in migraines, hot flashes, allergy symptoms, and snoring.

Onyx Radiance emphasizes:

​​“We hope to continue educating people throughout the world, raising awareness of smart  antibacterial fabrics so that everyone everywhere understands the immense influence that natural and therapeutic minerals have on improving our skin, hair, and overall health and wellbeing.” 

ONYX Radiance -  “For beautiful skin, just sleep on it!” 

For more information, head to their website.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Onyx Radiance.



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