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How Lele Pons Leads the Way in Fashion, Eyewear, and Influencing

In the dynamic world of influencers, few names shine as brightly as Lele Pons's. The Miami-raised sensation started her career on microvideo platform Vine and has since become one of the top social media stars of this generation. Her meteoric rise to fame has placed her on Forbes' list of Top Creators 2022, and she's now expanded her work to television, fashion, and of course other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Lele Pons has traversed an impressive journey to become a leader in several fields, captivating audiences with her humor, talent, and distinctive style. Below, we delve into the various facets of her career, examining how she has left an indelible mark on the worlds of fashion, eyewear, and influencing.

An eye for fashion

Over the years, Pons transitioned from creating short, humorous videos on Vine to making a name for herself in the fashion industry. In 2015, Pons took a significant step by launching her jewelry collection, UNO Magnetic, showcasing her creative flair beyond the landscape of content creation. Her ascent in the fashion world continued as she became a brand ambassador for CoverGirl in 2017. The same month, Pons walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, marking a pivotal moment in her fashion career. 

Today, Pons's evolution as a fashion icon is clearly established given her association with well-known brands. Known for its association with other A-listers like Britney Spears, the smooth and ribbed lycra swimsuits of Luli Fama became the perfect canvas for Lele's vibrant personality in 2022.

The collection, titled "Ciao Bella!," was perfect for Lele's fashion-forward choices and knack for choosing the perfect ensemble, which consistently placed her among the hottest looks at premier events. This was further evidenced when People magazine recognized Lele Pons as one of the Hottest 2022 Premios Tu Música Urbano Red Carpet Looks after Pons graced the event in a stunning pink Dolce & Gabbana gown. Her effortless blend of glamor and playfulness easily cemented her status as a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

Philanthropic endeavors with a humanitarian heart 

Beyond the glitz and glamor, Lele Pons has used her influence for meaningful causes. In 2021, Pons collaborated on one of the sunglasses ranges of retailer Eyebuydirect as a brand ambassador, later releasing a Pride Eyewear Collection to support The Trevor Project in 2022. Her Power Round Rainbow Sunglasses and Diversity Round Rainbow Eyeglasses joined the eyewear brand’s catalog of best-sellers, including Safari in Dark Tortoise and Good Vibrations in Black, as Pons expounded on her personal connection to the LGBTQ+ community through her father. By emphasizing the importance of acceptance and support, Pon’s collaboration exemplifies her commitment to using her platform for positive change.

With Pons’s status as a comprehensive style icon, it’s no surprise that her impact extends beyond eyewear into the realm of humanitarian efforts. In August 2023, she collaborated with Alice + Olivia and to launch a capsule collection in celebration of World Humanitarian Day. The collection, consisting of three pieces, aimed to raise funds for's mission of providing emergency stays to refugees worldwide. With a personal connection to the cause, especially after having fled Venezuela at a young age to settle in Miami at the age of five, Lele Pons leveraged her influence to make a meaningful contribution to those affected by large-scale crises.

A pinnacle in influencing

In November 2023, Pons's Instagram Reel with Hannah Stocking broke the record of the number one most-viewed video in history by a female on Instagram. Reaching an astounding 280 million views in just four days, this achievement on Instagram only further underlined Pons's status as a powerhouse in the world of influencing, reflecting her prowess as an entertainer and content creator.

From captivating the fashion scene to advocating for meaningful causes, all the while sharing laughter and joy around the world, Lele Pons continues to shape the narrative of the modern influencer — one who not only entertains but also inspires positive change. As she continues to break records and redefine the digital landscape, Lele Pons remains at the forefront of innovation and impact in the ever-evolving realm of social media influence.

By ML staff. Photo: Victor Chavez/Wireimage.


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