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Honoring Women in the Arts for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are shining a light on two inspiring women creatives who are making significant waves in South Florida in the arts and culture scene.

Tati Pastukhova, Co-Founder and Executive Director at ARTECHOUSE

Tati Pastukhova is the co-founder and executive director of ARTECHOUSE, a pioneering institution that redefines the boundaries of art and technology. In 2009, Tati, along with her husband and ARTECHOUSE co-founder, Sandro, established Art Soiree, an experiential arts organization based in Washington, D.C. Their shared vision for promoting art as a transformative and immersive experience laid the foundation for what would become ARTECHOUSE in 2015. ARTECHOUSE was the first immersive digital art space to open in the U.S., and it is a place where one can experience the future of art today.  

ARTECHOUSE, under Tati's visionary leadership, has become a trailblazing institution dedicated to curating, showcasing, and producing experiential and technology-driven exhibitions that seamlessly blend art, science, and technology, captivating audiences around the world. Tati's commitment to expanding the horizons of art extends far beyond ARTECHOUSE's physical spaces.

With a business background and a heart deeply rooted in the art world, she continually pioneers new frontiers, inspiring artists and enthusiasts to embrace technology's transformative power in art. Under her visionary guidance, ARTECHOUSE has not only reshaped the way we experience art but also ignited a new era of creativity and innovation. Tati's dedication lies in providing artists a platform to collaborate, innovate, and redefine the boundaries of contemporary art. Tati's visionary leadership continues to revolutionize the art world, driving the convergence of art and technology, and inspiring a global audience to embrace the transformative potential of digital art.

Artist Reyna Noriega

At 29 years old, Afro-Caribbean Latina artist Reyna Noriega has accomplished what most aspiring artists only dream about. Understanding the power of introspection, self-reflection and healing, Reyna centers her work (illustrations, painted murals, digital prints and product design) around aspects of people’s journeys – specifically those of women of color – as they seek to be their best, most authentic selves and experience sustainable peace and happiness. More than a beautiful face and a talented artist, Reyna’s business skills are unmatched.

In 2023, she launched partnerships with national brands, including Starbucks; Schick Intuition and Target, where she designed a limited-edition sensitive-skin razor featuring joyful depictions of her community; Goody, a global leader in hair accessories and styling tools, for an exclusive Walmart collaboration; and Clif Family Wines, creating a custom bottle for the brand’s collection. Reyna has witnessed firsthand how damaging it can be not to see positive representation. Inspired by color, tropical foliage and a need to help people, she aims to fill the world with vibrant, joyful depictions of marginalized communities in hopes of helping people live richer, happier lives.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of ARTECHOUSE


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