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Hermès Presents the Passifolia Collection

Hermès introduces the Passifolia Collection – an homage to the foliage that protects the earth, to the colors that burst forth in song. To the power of flora, its folly, and its leaves which rustle a single word, Passifolia. Porcelain decorated pieces using chromolithography. Made in France.

Passifolia Oval Platter, Medium Model - Measures 16.5” long, $680

Passifolia Round Deep Platter - Measures 14.4” diameter, $1,180

Passifolia Tart Platter - Measures 12.6” diameter, $535

Passifolia Round Platter - Measures 17.3” diameter. $2,090

Passifolia Salad Bowl, Large Model - Measures 4.5” high x 10.6” diameter, $1,260

Passifolia Creamer - Capacity 5.07 fl. oz. $330

Passifolia Sugar Bowl - Capacity 7.1 fl. oz. $525

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Hermès


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