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Gustavo Barraso Brings "Infinite Growth" to Miami Art Week, Presented by Jägermeister

Brazilian artist and designer Gustavo Barroso showcased “Infinite Growth,” a series of innovative new art works presented by Jägermeister during Miami Art Week. Visitors explored large-scale sculptures and chairs crafted from Jägermeister’s iconic green glass bottles, participated in an interactive machine installation and raised a toast with ice-cold shots of Jägermeister.

On Saturday night, tastemakers and artists from around the world convened to celebrate the exhibition’s closing, enjoying refreshments courtesy of Jägermeister and music by DJs Betty DawL and Orange Calderon.

Through Barroso's innovative pâte de verre (French, “glass paste”) techniques, Infinite Growth" explores the myriad ways glass can be repurposed and highlights the regenerative potential of found objects, giving rise to new forms and interpretations. 

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Darian DiCianno/ on behalf of Jägermeister 


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