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Gucci's Spring 2023 Ready-To-Wear Show

Miami Living is excited to share Gucci’s latest creative endeavor- a true embodiment of the house’s boundless imagination. In an unprecedented performance, 68 sets of identical twins showcased Gucci’s Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection in Milan, presenting an ode to the small Ohio town, Twinsburg. Infamous for its annual Twins Day Festival, this destination lent the perfect backdrop for Michele’s synchronic vision. The Creative Director orchestrated side-by-side shows inside a singular venue, each unbeknownst to the other, until a wall lifted, revealing twins in identical looks, walking as one.

Dubbed “Gucci Twinsburg”, this collection juxtaposes identity with dress, addressing the key distinction between twins and everyone else. As Michele puts it, “twinship imposes an experience of decentralization. Leaning towards the other. Recognizing oneself as flesh of the world”.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Gucci


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