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Gucci Presents New Holiday Gift Guide Offering 'Osteria Panettone'

Gucci presents the return of one of their most delicious holiday gift guide curation, the Osteria Panettone da Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills, available to purchase online at or in store at Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills now through mid-November.

Gucci celebrates the festive season with a collaboration between Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills, the Michelin-starred restaurant run by Chef Mattia Agazzi, and pastry chef, Roy Shvartzapel, to create two limited-edition panettone. Presented in specially designed tin boxes the Traditional Panettone is a luxurious recreation of the Milanese panettone while the Special Panettone comes with pecan, Amarena cherries, and rich chocolate pieces.

More on Gucci Osteria Da Massimo Bottura

A series of contemporary restaurants that share the same values and principles under one Gucci Osteria umbrella. Located in selected world cities including Florence, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, and Seoul, they each celebrate their own varied and unique identity while sharing a culinary philosophy that rides the wave of the seasons with creativity, elegance, playfulness, and sensuality and from where they draw their inspiration. Capturing the youthful energy embodied in the world’s leading luxury fashion brand Gucci and its parallels with the philosophy of chef Massimo Bottura, they draw from a thread of legacy: always contemporary in its present, yet ever driving forward to the future.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci


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