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Gucci Launches Hip-Top Sneaker Named Gucci Basket

Gucci Basket
Gucci Basket

Gucci is delighted to announce the eagerly awaited launch of Gucci Basket, a striking new high-top sneaker, designed by House Creative Director Alessandro Michele, drawing inspiration from the notable impact basketball has on street culture. A part of Gucci’s Ouverture collection, Gucci Basket marks the Houses’ latest sustainable and genderless sneaker, complete with a unique individual identification tag.

Few games have had such an impact on style and culture as basketball, and now, recalling the high-top trainers that players wear on-court that have become part of a deep-rooted pop-cultural off-court look, this particular lace-up sneaker by Gucci takes its name from the sport.

Gucci Basket showcases a distressed look with bright color details in mixed materials that are integrated into the distinctive design, including blue soles, violet mesh tops, padded and ribbed orange backs that wrap around the ankles, and green laces. Fluorescent rubber trim displaying House motifs (including the Interlocking G) is applied to the tongues and on the outsides of the shoes. Moreover, Gucci Basket is constructed mainly from a new innovative eco-sustainable material, with over 70% of the materials used for the upper being sourced from sustainable and renewable sources.

Gucci Basket is slated to launch: June 18th.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci


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