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Gucci Cruise 2025 Showcases in London

Gucci Cruise 2025, under the direction of Creative Director Sabato De Sarno, presents a collection that intertwines the brand’s heritage with De Sarno’s personal experiences and memories of London. The show, held at Tate Modern, emphasizes the city's creative energy and its ability to blend contrasts harmoniously.

De Sarno chose London for its deep connection to Gucci’s founder, Guccio Gucci, who was inspired by the city during his time at The Savoy hotel. The Tate Modern, with its Turbine Hall and The Tanks, serves as a symbolic venue, representing a fusion of modernity and tradition, man and nature.

The collection celebrates dualities: rigor and extravagance, strength and delicacy, English tradition with an Italian twist. Short coats in technical gabardine are paired with wild chamomile motifs, and flower embroideries are crafted in 3-D laser-cut organza and hand-molded sequins. Outerwear contrasts with chiffons, ruffles, and lace, blending evening elegance with everyday wear.

Gucci’s iconic details are reimagined: the lobster-clasp transforms into a feminine pearl necklace, horsebit details adorn suede, and the Gucci Blondie bag combines leather and jewelry techniques. The collection features tartans and tailoring reinterpreted with embroidered bead fringes and flat shoes like ballerinas and creepers that alter traditional perceptions.

This show encapsulates the essence of London and Gucci's legacy, offering a fresh perspective on fashion and individuality through the juxtaposition of diverse styles and cultural elements.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci.


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