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Gucci & Christie's Present: Parallel Universes: From Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos

The Gucci Art Space and Christie’s 3.0 come together to present a new digital auction, navigating fashion, art, and technology through the visionary lenses of Gucci’s 102-year history.

Following up on Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion, Christie’s and Gucci are now lifting the veil on their second exploratory chapter on the intersectional aspects of fashion, art, and technology. Aiming to test, experiment, and encourage genuinely avant-garde thinking, with a view to propelling radical new ideas towards future realities, this new collaborative auction takes its cue from Gucci Cosmos, a cutting-edge exhibition of the House’s most iconic creations from its 102-year history, envisioned and designed by Es Devlin with a special curation of unique designs from the Gucci Archive by Maria Luisa Frisa - now open at 180 The Strand in London.

Significantly titled Parallel Universes: from Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos, the auction is now open for bidding until November 28, 2023, on the Gucci Art Space, the brand’s online gallery space spotlighting and empowering artists by providing them with the freedom and latitude to harness uncharted territories, launched in July 2022. Unbound by physical walls, this purely digital environment presents an immersive whirlwind of creativity, this time with artworks from nine artistic notables with a distinct focus on generative systems: Alexis Andre, Alexis Christodoulou, Amy Goodchild, Harvey Rayner, Jacqui Kenny, Jo Ann, Melissa Wiederrecht, Sasha Stiles, and Thomas Lin Pedersen.

Through the auction, artists were invited to unleash the full potential within Generative Systems to explore new ways to revolutionize fashion and create new layers of expression by acting as genuine portals to the future. Notably, they were challenged to confront themselves with Gucci’s archival themes, echoing the rooms of the physical exhibition, progressively reflecting on how the brand’s era-defining classics and aesthetic chapters not only mirrored the times but also defined them. Using generative systems, nine artists each now hands one of these era-defining themes and origin myths -from 1897’s London when a young Guccio Gucci took a job as a luggage porter at the Savoy hotel, all the way to the birth of the legendary aesthetic signifiers as the Horsebit, Flora, and more recently the Gucci Rosso Ancora - over to new horizons that one day could be a reality, resulting in meaningful conversations between different ages and their ever-evolving aesthetic, all while the past infuses the future.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci & Christie


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