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Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaborate: An Iconic Bag Designed Towards the Future with Demetra

Gucci unveils an innovative iteration of its heritage Horsebit 1955 bag, transformed through an asymmetrical aesthetic and brought to life in Demetra—an innovative animal-free material that combines quality, softness, and durability—in collaboration with iconic musical artist Billie Eilish, who is known for her bold advocacy.

This Horsebit 1955 is the first Gucci bag ever to be crafted in Demetra, exemplifying Gucci's forward-looking approach as the House’s traditional tanning craftsmanship supports a transformation towards a more ethical fashion future. Made from 75% plant-derived raw material sources, the animal-free Demetra is the culmination of two years of research and development by Gucci’s own technicians and artisans and has been produced in Italy since 2021 in a Gucci factory.

The collaboration is celebrated in a new campaign of imagery and videos that all feature Billie’s unfiltered, authentic tone of voice. The videos are a series of cinematic moments, woven together in a candid motion piece that feels like an album of Billie’s life and set to her song, “What Was I Made For?”.

As a commitment to bold progress, the new Horsebit 1955 bag aligns with the House’s journey towards embedding circularity in its collections and its strategy for people and planet. To further amplify its commitments, the House has also made a significant donation to Support+Feed, an intersectional nonprofit organization founded in 2020 by Maggie Baird dedicated to combating climate crisis and food insecurity by working toward an equitable, plant-based food system.


Creative Director: Sabato De Sarno

Art Director: Riccardo Zanola

Photographer: Tyrell Hampton

Director: Marcell Rev

Styling: Alastair McKimm

Talent: Billie Eilish

Make-up: Emily Cheng

Hair: Ben Mohapi

Music: "What was I made for?" by Billie Eilish

More on the Horsebit 1955

The iconic Gucci Horsebit 1955 handbag bridges eras through the story it tells and the elegant strength of its design—a testament to the exceptional materials and craftsmanship that have always distinguished the brand. With its unique shape and reconsidered materials, the asymmetrical silhouette crafted in Demetra brings a new perspective to the classic rectangular shoulder bag that has become a legacy piece within the wardrobe. Taking a more holistic approach even further, the renewed Horsebit 1955 bag lining is made of certified cotton, and in one iteration, features certified hemp and ECONYL®, made from regenerated ghost nets, carpets, and pre-consumer waste.

More on Demetra

Demetra is a next-generation material in luxury, that unites quality, softness, and durability. Made from 75% plant-derived raw material sources combined with an essential synthetic protective coating long used for Gucci accessories of lasting quality. Traceable and responsibly sourced wood cellulose is the basis of this soft, durable material. Demetra is tanned using industry best practice processes, in general terms, Gucci aims to continually minimize its reliance on fossil inputs, both through Demetra and in its leather processing.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci


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