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Gucci Announces the Opening of its Palm Beach Gardens Store

Gucciis pleased to announce the opening of its new store in Palm BeachGardens, Florida, located in The Gardensmall. The boutiquespans over 3,000 square feet and showcases a wide collection of men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, accessories, silks,jewelry, and eyewear.

With a look that invites customers to feel welcomeand relaxed, the interior designis discreet. Soft elements like velvet armchairs offset harder surfaces and industrial elements, such as rivets. Contemporary luxury is suggested not only by the employment of beautiful and idiosyncratic materials, but also througha determinedly spare use of space. In keeping with the elegantand contemporary eclecticism thatcharacterizes Gucci’s collections, the store seesthe combination of traditional and modern, industrial and romantic.

Contrasting merchandising elements represent different design codes, combining to create curiosity, invitingcustomers to feellike they are constantly discovering new aspects of the store.

The mood within the store is one of discretion, where understated drama is created by the surprising and unexpected combination of materials, including optical patterned floors. Juxtaposition of this sort, where opposites forge a new connection, is repeated throughout: technical, mechanical displayunits contrast with the softnessof the rich fabrics that adorn the rooms; round ottomans offset rectangular tables;varnished, iron wall finishes complement the sage green moire upholstery. Throughout the store one finds sumptuous chairs, while live greenery is layeredfor a textured effect. The result is a spacethat entices, surprisesand feels personal to Gucci.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci.


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