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GranaGard Launches the Future of Brain Health: Omega-5 Antioxidants with Nanotechnology for Maximum Brain Health

GranaGard, a trailblazing nanotech brand, has hit the nutritional supplement market with an Omega-5 antioxidant from pomegranate seed oil that offers the highest levels of absorption also known as bioavailability. The brand’s cutting-edge science provides a significant advancement in the field of nutritional supplements. With this launch, GranaGard introduces a paradigm shift in the long-term approach to improving memory, energy, focus, and overall brain function by delivering nutrients that traverse the blood brain barrier.

At the core of GranaGard's efficacy is its breakthrough in nanotechnology, making supplements 100% water soluble. This allows the fatty acids to dissolve into nano-droplets for maximum absorption and bioavailability, unlike other conventional pomegranate seed oil and other oils like Omega-3, that do not dissolve in water.

The effectiveness of GranaGard is the culmination of ten years of extensive research and groundbreaking developments conducted at the distinguished Neurology Department of the Hadassah Medical Center, led by professor Ruth Gabizon and professor Shlomo Magdassi.

"We're very excited to bring GranaGard's advanced nutritional technology to consumers. The breakthrough resides in a unique formula that allows oily structures like Omega-5 to mix with water,” said professor Ruth Gabizon. “Our nanotechnology facilitates easy nutrient flow through the bloodstream and organs, leveraging the body's 75% water composition, and aiding in the health of the brain.”

GranaGard is actively engaged in groundbreaking human trials in Israel and Mexico that are focused on assessing the potential impacts of Omega-5 on individuals grappling with conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, as well as menopause. GranaGard is also engaged in active research in Israel, in the field of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). These researches represent a significant stride in the exploration of Omega-5's therapeutic potential across diverse health conditions. The outcome of these trials, anticipated to be in the coming months, will measure the efficacy of GranaGard's capability to address and alleviate symptoms associated with these prevalent health issues.

GranaGard is now available for purchase at and on Amazon in the United States. Its offering provides a superior choice for health-conscious consumers seeking a clinically proven approach to long-term cognitive well-being.

Authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the company’s rigorous scientific testing adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.

For more information on GranaGard, please visit or contact the company at

About Granalix

Granalix is a wellness company driven by data, and science, creating next generation supplements and solutions that are rooted in the most rigorous scientific testing. Granalix owns the GranaGard brand. Granalix pioneered in the field of applied science and technology by being the first to deliver clinically proven supplements with nanotechnology. GranaGard’s nanotechnology revolutionized the field of neuroscience by enhancing the bioavailability of powerful nutrients such as antioxidants across all organs in the body, especially to the brain. As a global leader in nanotechnology, Granalix is constantly investing in research, trials, and optimization of wellbeing products to advance scientific wellness, and to make it accessible worldwide.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of GranaGard


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