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Gracie: Hand-Painted Wall Coverings

Meticulously handcrafted works of art are what New York-based Studio Gracie is all about. Crafted by specialized artisans, the house has been drawing for decades, developing unique wallpapers with exquisite detail.

Design - Elle Cole Interiors | Photography by Rebecca Roberts Photography

Detailed and colorful floral on chocolate background.

A handpainted scenic floral on 18th Century Style pink background. Two panels shown.

Designer - Kylie Frierson | Photographer - Ace Cuervo

Designer - Rinfret Ltd | Photographer - Michael Partenio

Holts Garden

Designer - Rinfret Ltd. | Photographer - Michael Partenio

Classic chinoiserie flower-and-bird design in bright colors on a celadon background

Colorful floral on bright blue background

For more information, call 888-668-4880 or visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Cracie


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