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GOLDLAW to Sponsor International Red Sneakers Day on May 19

GOLDLAW is proud to announce its sponsorship of International Red Sneakers Day (IRSD), the biggest outreach day each year for 501©3 nonprofit Red Sneakers for Oakley (RSFO). In May 2023, IRSD reached 7 million people worldwide.


Red Sneakers for Oakley was established in 2016 after Oakley Debbs passed away due to an anaphylactic reaction at just 11 years of age. RSFO is grounded in the sense that education is desperately needed between allergists hospitals, first-responders, parents, schools, and the general public. The nonprofit has dedicated its resources to education and advocacy for food allergy awareness to save lives across the globe.


International Red Sneaker Day will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at The Square in West Palm Beach, FL, from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. The celebration offers local and national vendors the opportunity to share their mission and/or products with attendees, share information about RSFO, and promote the following goals:

  1. Create an environment for the good allergy community to come together with one common purpose.

  2. Educate the non-food allergy community on the dangers of food allergies.

  3. Provide resources and education about food allergies for everyone in attendance. 


GOLDLAW originally became a sponsor of RSFO events due to the inspiration of Founder/CEO Craig Goldenfarb. Because Goldenfarb suffers from a tree nut allergy like Oakley, he established an immediate connection with the Debbs family.


In August 2023, thanks in part to the relationship he had struck with the Debbs’ family, Goldenfarb was appointed to the charity’s Board of Directors, which was well-received in the food allergy community. 


“Craig’s personal challenges with food allergies will make him an insightful and compassionate advocate for Red Sneakers for Oakley as a member of the Board of Directors,” said RSFO Director of Development Kim Medeiros. “Because Craig can personally relate to the need for advocacy and legislation for food allergy education and awareness, Red Sneakers for Oakley is thrilled to have Craig aboard as a BOD member.”


“As someone who suffers from a tree nut allergy, I’m well aware of the dangers an individual faces if they are exposed to the allergen,” said Goldenfarb. “Over the years, I’ve gone into anaphylactic shock three times and almost died. Thankfully, restaurants, airlines and schools are starting to take the problem more seriously, but we still have a lot of work to do with respect to educating the public about the severity of food allergies.”

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of GOLDLAW


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