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Glam Journeys: An Exclusive Interview with Allison Kaye, Celebrity and Influencer Makeup Artist

Miami Living Magazine is thrilled to present an exclusive interview with the renowned celebrity makeup artist and game-day glam expert, Allison Kaye. Best known for her artistry with the WAGS of the NFL and MLB, Allison has recently graced the Super Bowl LVII stage, preparing the Kansas City Chiefs' wives for their game day appearances. With an impressive clientele, including names like Christen Harper and Camille Kostek, Allison's beauty expertise extends to publications such as Vogue, Allure, and Elle. Beyond her glamorous career, Allison, the founder of Allison Kaye Glam, has seamlessly blended the hottest trends with elevated techniques in her luxury beauty company. Join us as we delve into Allison's journey, from her beginnings as a stylist at the age of six to her current status as a sought-after beauty industry maven, servicing locations from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland and beyond.

Miami Living (ML): Hey Allison! It's great to chat with you!   We've heard about your incredible journey from playing “salon” with your neighbors and Barbies as a child to recently glamming up the Kansas City Chiefs' wives at Super Bowl LVII.   Can you share some pivotal moments that shaped your career and have led you to where you are today?

Allison Kaye (AK): I started my makeup career working on pageant clients.  I then added Bridal clientele and was working 50 weddings a year as a wedding makeup artist.  Back in April of 2021 the NFL Draft was in Cleveland (where I have a second home) and I got an email inquiry from someone saying that they needed makeup for the draft because her boyfriend was getting drafted and his mom and sister also needed services.  I flew up to Cleveland and did makeup for Mac Jones (now quarterback of the Patriots) girlfriend, sister, and mom.  From there, I had people from the NFL follow my Instagram account and secured my second NFL client  7 months later.  I had just thought doing makeup for the NFL draft was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it turned into something MUCH bigger as I have now been able to glam over 15 NFL teams! 

ML: That's so remarkable! And indeed, your expertise in game-day glam for the WAGS of the NFL and MLB, as well as your recent involvement in Super Bowl LVII, has gained significant attention. How do you approach creating a unique and memorable look for such high-profile events, especially considering the diverse personalities and preferences of your clients?

AK: The "signature" NFL game day glam look is what I would consider a soft glam.  The girls tend to ask for neutral colors on their eyes, a pink/nude lip, and medium to full coverage foundation.  Before I begin each client I ask them about their INSPO for what they want to look like, and then I will go through specifics to get more into detail about what they really want.  Clients are going to hire you based on what they see from your portfolio.  You can find this look and other similar looks all over my Instagram so I feel that the girls who book with me generally want this exact look because they like what they see on social media!

ML: In addition to your glamorous work, you offer teaching opportunities, including lessons and master classes for aspiring celebrity makeup artists. What inspired you to share your knowledge, and what advice do you have for those dreaming to enter the competitive world of celebrity makeup artistry?

AK: I personally had never really found the resources I needed about 10 years ago when I started getting into makeup.  I didn't find things like MasterClasses from celebrity artists and most definitely didn't understand the difference between celebrity looks and general makeup looks when I was first starting out.  I have always had a "giving back" mentality as I have done community service consistently my entire life.  While teaching MasterClasses is certainly not community service, it is what goes along with my "giving back" mentality as I am able and willing to help other makeup artists through my teaching. A lot of people love to "gatekeep" but I believe there is enough work to go around.  I never feel threatened by sharing my secrets with others and believe in good karma coming back! I am lucky to be in this position and want to enpower other makeup artists to also achieve their dreams. 

ML: Catering to clients in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Miami, how does the vibrant and diverse culture of Florida influence your approach to creating beauty looks?

AK: With so many opportunities down in South Florida, clients are always needing different makeup looks.  There are events here that will be day time pool parties where you are doing a minimal glam, and then you could be glamming your next client for a night out at the clubs with a dark smokey eye.  I love the diversity here because it keeps my creative juices flowing as a makeup artist and allows me to continue to perfect my craft by doing different makeup looks! 

ML: Are there any trends or developments in the beauty industry you're particularly excited about?

AK: I am most happy about the fact that the world has converted to cream/ liquid makeup products.  It is crazy to me that we used to use powder for everything.  The cream and liquid products have really changed the makeup game and allowed artists to manipulate the products to create insane flawless looks. 

ML: As seen from this interview today, you’ve had quite the extraordinary ride.  But we want to know a little more about the person behind the glam. What's a guilty pleasure or a quirky hobby you enjoy that your clients might be surprised to learn about?

AK: I have competed in pageants my entire life since the age of 6.  Many people do not know that I won 2 national pageant titles back in 2022.  After giving them up this past year in 2023, I am not sure if I will continue with this journey or just take a small break.  Another fun fact is that I used to dance professionally for the professional hockey team in Cleveland, The Cleveland Monsters.  My other hobbies that I enjoy are playing tennis and collecting designer pieces. 

ML: Are there any fun or memorable moments in your career that still bring a smile to your face?

AK: Glamming for 4 days at the Super Bowl in February 2023 was one of the most fun work trips I have ever had.  Any time I am glamming my NFL WAGS are my best moments, and I still smile at the fact that the Washington Commanders were the first team to fly me out this year to glam them for a game! 

ML: As you continue to make waves in the beauty industry and build your brand, what exciting projects or goals do you have on the horizon? Can you give us a sneak peek into what the future looks like for you and Allison Kaye Glam?

AK: I am excited to be traveling to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl this year.  I am looking forward to glamming my NFL wives for the NFL Honors televised awards show, media and press days, and brand parties.  I also can't wait to see if I will have an opportunity to glam one of the two teams who will be playing in the Super Bowl again! My goal for the fall of 2024 is to travel to as many NFL teams as possible to glam them for a home game.


By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Allison Kaye


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