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Get to Know Jaq: The Bold Musician Gets Candid with Miami Living

Tell us about your music. I saw that you have a few singles on your website --great stuff, you have a really nice voice-- have you recently released a new album? If not, are there any plans to?

Jaq: Thanks so much! I’ve been consistently releasing singles the last year and will continue to do so before I plan on releasing a project. I want my debut album to really tell a story, so I’m gonna take my time with it until the vision is there.

How would you describe your sound?

Jaq: My sound is a melting pot of so many genres. It generally falls into that pop sound, but every song has its own influence. Some are more rock-inspired, some are more R&B or hip hop and some even show tastes of my EDM side.

Which of your songs is closest to you, or that you feel really highlights “you”?

Jaq: “Rare Thing” is my favorite song that I have out right now. It really hits home for me. It’s about knowing that you’re rare, you’re unique, there’s no one like you and not having to prove that when you have the right people in your life, love will always be enough.

I read that you started writing and singing songs when you were 5, what were your songs about back then?

Jaq: I remember my first song I wrote was called “la di da de” and it was this whole concept I had in my head that two bands were fighting over having me as their lead singer. I remember showing my best friend the song and she suggested I switched the concept from bands to boys. So in the end, it was about two boys desiring me and making them fight to the death to be with me. So silly [laughs].

You’re self-taught and produced your own records, tell us a little about your journey.

Jaq: I was 13 when I wanted to make my first album. I essentially produced and recorded the entire thing myself at my mom’s friend’s studio. Once I knew what it was like to make my own vision come to life exactly how I wanted, it was hard having producers, in my opinion, botch my songs. As I got older, I was always told, the next step was to be set up with producers, but none of them did anything I liked, so I started doing it myself. I started on GarageBand recording into my laptop speakers at 14 and then, after some equipment upgrades, I was producing full songs/ records myself on Logic in my bedroom. Some of my songs, with the most plays on my Spotify and SoundCloud, are 100% recorded, engineered, produced, and mixed by me. No other hands have touched it.

What are you currently working on? What can we expect from you in 2021?

Jaq: I like keeping myself extremely busy and so does my team, so we have lots coming in 2021. Not only consistent single drops but music videos, live performances, possibly the start of a cosmetic line and a couple collabs!

Who would you love to collaborate with in the music industry/entertainment?

Jaq: A few of my dream collabs would be Lana Del Rey, Dominic Fike and Blackbear.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?

Jaq: Underneath the shaved head and tattoos people tend to be surprised how levelheaded and self aware I am. I’m less of a wild party girl and more of a work on myself and live out love girl. Since I was a baby, I’ve been told I have an old soul and as I got older, I really feel like I embodied that. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun but at 21, I would rather stay home and watch a movie with my cat on a Saturday night than go to a bar and get drunk, just saying.

Do you ever get out to Miami or South Florida?

Jaq: I’ve never been to Florida in my life, but can’t wait to come visit soon!


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Words by Vanessa Pascale Rust

Photo Credit: Caesar Lima

Make up: Veronica | IG: @makeupbyveronica


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