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George Porter Jr. to Perform in Oak Garden Miami

George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners will perform in Miami featuring his new album "Crying for Hope."

George Porter Jr. is best known as the bassist of The Meters, along with Art Neville, Leo Nocentelli and Joseph Zigaboo Modeliste. The group was formed in the mid 60's and came to be recognized as one of the progenitors of funk then called R&B. The Meters disbanded in 1977 and reformed in 1989. Porter has his own project the Runnin' Pardners with well known New Orleans artists Brint Anderson (guitar), Michael Lemmler (keyboards) and rising stars on music scene Khris Royal (saxophone) and Terrence Houston (drums). Join us in the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens to hear his new sensational album. Porter has proven to be capable of the ultimate fusion of rock, funk, and R&B and is recognized as one of the industry's elite bass players.

To purchase tickets click here.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of George Porter


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