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Gem Dior: The New Luxuriant Jewellery Collection

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The new Dior High Jewellery Collection marks the Department’s twentieth anniversary. Without interruption, its creativity is embodied by Victoire de Castellane who, since 1999, draws her inspiration from the Dior spirit to nourish her imagination with coloured stones, poetic jewellery-making and whimsical stories.

“Gem Dior” announces the collection with a play on words between gem in English and j’aime in French meaning, of course, ‘I love’...” Whether the gem is a diamond, ruby, purple or spessartite garnet, pink sapphire and yellow sapphire, emerald, tsavorite, grenadine or cobalt blue spinel, tanzanite, rubellite or Paraiba-type tourmaline, Gem Dior is a declaration of love to stones and their infinite variety of hues, glorified by intense monochromes and subtle shadings or by virtuoso visual impact.

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By Miami Living Magazine. Images courtesy of DIOR


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