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Gary Nader Presented 'The Art of Fernando Botero' Delivered by Juan Carlos Botero

Gary Nader is pleased to share the success of the exclusive lecture titled "The Art of Fernando Botero," which took place on Tuesday, March 5th at the Gary Nader Art Centre.

The event featured the distinguished presence of renowned journalist and author Juan Carlos Botero, son of the renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, who served as the keynote speaker.

"It was an honor and a privilege to have our dear friend Juan Carlos Botero present his talk "The Art of Fernando Botero" through our extensive collection of the master's work. Since Juan Carlos has firsthand experience with many of the works in our collection, it was a great fortune for everyone present to hear his anecdotes and profound insights into the different stages of the master, narrated from the perspective of one of his sons. No one knows Botero's work better than Juan Carlos, as he wrote his most important biography, which will be updated son," stated Gary Nader, CEO & Founder of Gary Nader Art Centre.

During this fascinating talk, Juan Carlos Botero guided attendees through "The Art of Fernando Botero," exploring the content of his namesake book, while the audience immersed themselves in the most extensive collection of his work present at the Gary Nader Art Centre, which is part of the "Botero Immersed" exhibition offered by the Nader Museum. From the various stages of his father's creative process to his aesthetic convictions and the diversity of techniques that marked his work, the audience was invited to dive into the fascinating world of art from a unique perspective.

"Finding myself in the spaces of Gary Nader's gallery is truly spectacular. Additionally, this gallery boasts an astonishing collection of my father's work, both in quantity and artistic quality. Therefore, I consider it the ideal venue for the presentation of 'The Art of Fernando Botero.' In this presentation, much like in my book, I strive to explain Botero's importance while simultaneously unveiling the secret behind his popularity and success," commented Juan Carlos Botero.

Photographs credit: Rafael Villa


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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gary Nader


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