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From the Bike to the Spotlight: Patina72 Leather Jacket by Dainese

Dainese has been protecting motorcyclists since 1972, and this year they are celebrating that fact with their fashion-forward Settantadue collection. Settantadue, which means 72 in Italian, features several jackets, boots, pants, and gloves sourced from various leathers for a classic, timeless look and feel. The Patina72 Leather Jacket represents the pinnacle of the collection and is a notable achievement for the brand.

Upon first feel, the Patina72 oozes luxury. The smell and touch of the jacket instantly reflect the premium materials and finish on offer. The soft, drum-dyed 1.3mm cowhide leather feels great to run your hands across, and will surely develop that signature leather patina that captures the unique stories of every rider. For that reason, each Patina72 is a one-of-a-kind, and will develop into a personal product with its own look and personality.

Beyond the look and feel of the leather, it’s color is also striking. The dark burgundy cordovan coloring doesn’t necessarily translate in pictures or online, but is rich and pleasing in person. It’s a nice change from brown and black leathers that does just enough to stand out in a crowd without calling attention.

The Patina72 features large, fitted cuts of leather, with minimal paneling and stitching as a result. This is a premium feature, and helps enhance the elegant design. Even the patchwork on the elbows is generous and simple. The back is an exercise is simplicity, with two long, wide panels running the length of the jacket and little else.

To maintain the clean lines and high-end look, Dainese branding is almost non-existent. A small, hard black patch on the left shoulder easily blends in, and a single logo is featured on one side of the main zipper. Speaking of zippers, the hardware featured in the Patina72 is a step above the rest. Every zipper is a gold, heavy gauge affair. That includes the main front zipper, two waist pockets, two smaller chest pockets, and zippers up each wrist to accommodate gloves. Dainese made sure that the expandable material at each wrist is still the same high quality cowhide leather.

On the inside of the coat is a premium silk liner designed by New York artist Othelo Gervacio, featuring his trademark floral medium over a black and white checkered background. It’s a very cool touch that continues this jacket’s climb to the next level.

Hidden among the premium leather and custom silk print is Dainese’s new molecular Pro-Armor protection plates. Small, discrete Velcro pockets at the interior of each elbow and shoulder hold removable, lightweight plating. The Pro-Armor plating is ‘fractal inspired’ and has a ton of cut-outs to alleviate weight without compromising on protection. The plates are certified to European safety standards. Additionally, the Patina72 features a back pocket for a G1 or G2 back protector, which most serious cyclists will want to add.

The jacket’s Italian origins are on display in a thin, minimal piece of hardware that sits right below the collar under the zipper. These origins also dictate the sizing, which runs a little snug and more ‘European;’ of course, the beauty of such a high grade leather product is that it will break in while its worn, so a snug fit is nothing to worry about at first.

The Patina72 is suitable for riding most of the year, and with the optional removal of the Pro-Armor, becomes a very fashionable leather jacket in its own rite. You don’t need a bike to leave your own patina on this timeless celebration of classic leather design. The price tag may seem a bit steep, but this is a leather product of the highest caliber, built to last a lifetime. From the bike to the spotlight, the Patina72 is the pinnacle of Dainese’s vision.

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Story by Thomas Bender

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