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Free Services Quality Eyewear Retailers Offer

Given the rising rates of vision issues, more than half of the national population contributed to sales in the American eyewear industry in 2022.

According to the Washington Post, approximately 67% of American adults purchased a vision correction tool, causing the market value to reach $42.2 billion.

However, this high number is not only driven by demand but also by expensive eyewear prices. Today, the average cost of one pair of frames is almost $300. With this in mind, many people feel that they are being taken advantage of for profit. Fortunately, there are companies — some of which you can find here in Miami — that prioritize the eye health of their consumers and alleviate the financial barriers to quality eye care.

Thus, these brands offer free services to assist with the financial burden. Listed below are several free initiatives offered by trusted eyewear companies.

Free maintenance

A pair of glasses should ideally last up to three years, but regular wear and tear can significantly decrease longevity.

It’s common for glasses to get bent out of shape or have loosened screws over time due to daily use.

Fortunately, some eyewear retailers offer free maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your glasses.

Case in point: LensCrafters provides a lifetime warranty of free fittings and adjustments on any eyeglasses purchase, whether bought online or in any other store location.

You can simply stop in at a LensCrafters store, and their team of eye care experts will fix your glasses back into shape. This way, your glasses can fit comfortably once again for free.

Free shipping

Buying eyewear online could be more expensive than buying it in-store due to extra delivery and shipping fees.

These can easily add up to $50 to your original order, which can already cover the price of certain upgrades.

Some brands have begun offering free shipping under the condition that you buy a certain amount of items, therefore promoting unnecessary purchases and waste.

To combat this, Miami-based sustainable eyewear brand MITA offers free shipping on all domestic orders, which they process within 24 hours of ordering.

Meanwhile, retailers like Glasses USA have eliminated shipping fees altogether without a minimum purchase required.

Users only have to select standard shipping on their orders, and their eyewear will arrive within 7-10 business days at no extra cost.

Free returns

Selecting glasses online is excellent due to the wide selection. However, some frames might look different in person, or the buyers realize afterward that the shape doesn’t suit them.

Such situations can be disappointing, as they’ll likely have to settle on a pair they don’t necessarily appreciate to avoid spending more.

Luckily, some companies value customer satisfaction and want to help. For example, Eyebuydirect has a free return policy, provided consumers contact the company within 14 days of receiving their order.

Upon calling or emailing customer service, they can choose a replacement pair of the same value without paying for anything else.

Free try-on

While Miami has multiple shopping malls like the Design District where you can check out both branded and affordable eyewear it can take time to try on multiple options.

In this case, online optical company Warby Parker has a unique free try-on service where they send five pairs of frames to their consumers so that they can test them out for five days.

Shoppers only have to choose the eyewear and select the free try-on option on the site.

They must also provide their credit card details, but only to protect the company in case the frames don’t get sent back.

Additionally, the brand includes a prepaid return shipping label for an affordable process on the consumer’s end. As shown, buying a new pair of glasses doesn’t have to be expensive. Use the free services above to save up and receive quality eye care.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Pexel.


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