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Female, Figuratively: Selected Works by 7 Female Artists on the Female Form

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In an area of South Florida yet unchartered for arts and cultural events, OMSA GALLERY opens its doors, going from a once Pop-up Gallery in 2021 to having a curating director and a full calendar year showcasing a vibrant roster of local, international, emerging and established artists.

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Visiting Manet's Beach, 2023, charcoal on Arches paper, 72"x90"

In this move OMSA establishes itself as a world class gallery and exhibition space, garnering the 2023 ABC construction award. Located in Ft. Lauderdale’s Southwest Ranches area, the gallery's mission is to cultivate a cultural hub in this area of South Florida, establishing relationships, empowering creativity, inspiring collectors. Starting off the calendar year, OMSA Gallery presents an all female roster featuring a figurative show that borders on the sublime.

Julia Rivera,It is our Ability to Recognize, Accept & Celebrate Our Differences. Image courtesy of the artist

Open to Public Dec. 2 – Feb. 15 | FEMALE, FIGURATIVELY | Selected works by 7 female artists on the female form.

OMSA GALLERY begins the 2024 Art Calendar Year with a poignant group exhibit:

Female, Figuratively, Selected works by 7 female artists on the female form.

Amy Laskin Rooted in Her Story, Oil on Linen, 17" X 14" inches Medium: oil on linen. Image courtesy of the artist

The exhibit opens with a VIP exclusive Preview Evening days ahead of the Basel Week bustle with former Formula-3 race car driver now award-winning Chef Vincent Gourmet at the helm of a 5-course experience with wine pairing. The Artist, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez will be present in their first of a series of “Chef’s Table w/ Artist Present” events for collectors to preview each opening exhibit for the coming year.

Veronica Pasman, Steps, 2023, Acrylic and pencil on watercolor paper, 42” x 10 yards

The show includes brand new and recent works by Sofia Balut Paéz, Marina Font, Heidi Lanino, Amy Laskin, Veronica Pasman, Julia Rivera and Patricia Schnall Gutierrez in what is a poignant and shared narrative, a herstory that speaks to all of us on the ways that are uniquely female. Something in each of their oeuvre that is a peaceful resilience, a loving out loud, a silent certitude of who they are in their own skin. There are tones that reference classical Greco-Roman notion of beauty and gradually deconstructs into a contemporary vernacular.

Marina Font, The Crown, mixed media on paper. Image courtesy of the artist

After several POP-UP Exhibits in 2021, resulting in a resounding response, Gallerists, Dr. Ramon Perez and his wife, Jasmin Batir Perez, set out to expand their space to encompass a 3000-square foot, state of the art exhibit hall. To consolidate their vision, they hired on the Argentine born, NY savvy, Miami curator, Daniella Sforza, as Curating Director of Exhibits. Currently the gallery is scheduling a year of poignant exhibits that speak to contemporary issues, while bridging the divide, rather than a political approach, choosing a poetic path to encourage thoughtful contemplation rather than hotbed reactions so prevalent in today’s public conversation.

Sofia Balut Paez, La Divina Union, 2023, oil on linen. Image courtesy of the artist

Empowering Creativity, Inspiring Collectors.

OMSA GALLERY is dedicated to fostering a vibrant artistic community, curating, and exhibiting exceptional works of art from international and local, emerging, mid-career and established artists as well as from the secondary market. OMSA GALLERY seeks to cultivate new art collectors, connecting them with unique works and artists, while also providing unparalleled service and support to seasoned collectors to bulild legacy collections.

Our dedication to artistic expression and the growth of an art presence in our community drives us to create a space that bridges the gap between art creators and art lovers. To enrich lives by building relationships through the power of art.

Heidi Lanino, Venus Gaze, acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist


15661 Sheridan Street

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33331

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of the artists


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