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Family Ties in the Limelight: Danielle and Benson Larracuente's Journey of Talent, Love, and Latin Legacy

Miami Living Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with the accomplished Latin actress, Danielle Larracuente, and her equally charismatic 7-year-old son, Benson Larracuente, who is already a budding actor himself. Known for her roles in the popular Amazon crime drama “Bosch: Legacy" and her recurring role as Mandy Moore's nurse, Laila, on NBC's hit drama "This Is Us," Danielle is a recognized force in the entertainment industry. And making most recent Hollywood headlines, Danielle is set to light up the screen in the new Jennifer Lopez musical "This Is Me Now," premiering February 16, 2024 on Amazon, where she stars as one of JLO’s best friends in the film. However, the acting bug doesn't stop with Danielle; it's a family affair. Her vivacious 7-year-old son, Benson, is also currently making his mark on the Sofia Vergara Netflix series "Griselda". Their story unfolds as a delightful and inspiring blend of family, career, and community involvement.  Join us for an inside look at this talented mother-son duo and their exciting projects contributing to the rich tapestry of Latin representation.

Miami Living (ML): Hey Danielle and Benson!  Thank you for chatting with us today!  Since it is clear that the acting bug runs strong in your family, do you ever find yourselves spontaneously breaking into character or reenacting scenes from your respective shows and movies just for laughs? Any favorite impromptu performances that stand out?

Danielle: Omg! Yes, Benny loves to reenact scenes all time! One that stands out to me is he really loved the tooth fairy for a while. He thought she was so cool how she flew in, dropped gifts and left. So, we pretended I was waiting for the tooth fairy and then I woke up and checked to see if she left anything but didn’t. He then decided to break the 4th wall, walk in front of the frame, drink water, spit it out and to the camera said “what!!!” I was dying laughing!   

ML: Benson, congratulations on landing a role on Sofia Vergara’s Netflix series “Griselda”!  That’s amazing!  Is this your first acting gig?  And what have you liked most about it so far?

Benson: Yes! This my first breakout tv role! I loved learning on set all about sound and watching the director call “action!” 

ML: Danielle, from a stint on Broadway at only 9 years old, to performing on “Saturday Night Live”, to now returning to your role as Paulina Calderon in “Bosch: Legacy", you've had a diverse career to say the least. What is a standout moment for you in your career?

Danielle: I feel like all of those are milestones and have stood out for me during those times. SNL was with Jimmy Fallon, so I was so star struck. With The Lion King I got to live out my favorite Disney movie and sing and dance. Lastly, with Bosch, as my parents are retired NYPD officers, I got to play them. Which was such an honor.  

ML: Benson, besides being a star on the soccer field and working on your skills as a martial artist, we’ve heard you are also a major fan of the virtual world.  What's a favorite game you’ve played lately and what do you love about it? And Danielle, any chance you've joined in on the gaming fun with him?

Benson: ROLBLOX is LIFE At the moment! I love how I can create my character and buy special skills to make the game easier. I also love playing with my friends.

Danielle: I have definitely joined in on the fun with Benny, I had to see what all the hype was about.  

ML: Danielle, how have you juggled being so incredibly prolific in your acting career while also managing to raise your son Benson on your own?  And when did he start showing signs of wanting to give acting a go himself?

Danielle: I have such an amazing support system and village who help me so much. From my family to friends and even coworkers in the industry. I feel that’s the biggest tool that I have, and it is so crucial to have when you are in this industry and have kids. I started Benson when he was two years old. He booked his first print job for Munchkin. He always was so photogenic and loved the camera, so I thought to myself - let’s give this a go. Maybe he is following in my footsteps!  

ML: Benson, we hear you're quite the animal lover. Can you tell us a little about your pets, especially Goldie the fair-winning fish, and how they form a part of your daily life?

Benson: I have two dogs. One is a BIG HUGE baby German Shepard/Husky mix named Nemo! Can you believe he is as big as a horse, and he is only 1 year old! I also have a small grey doggy named Buster. He is 9 years old. Buster sometimes gets tired of Nemo lol. Goldie my fish is my favorite because I won it. My mommy wasted all her tickets on trying to win her. I kept asking her to let me try but she thought it was a hard game. She finally let me on the last ticket, and I won on the first try! My mommy’s mouth was on the floor! Haha!

ML: Danielle, you've expressed a commitment to bringing a rising presence in TV & Film for the Latino community. What are your aspirations for the future, both in terms of your career and the impact you hope to make on the industry?

Danielle: Yes, that is very important to me. In terms of my career, I am focusing on trying to give myself the most diversity of roles possible and reach bigger roles and bigger audiences. I want it to be the norm that a Latino can play everything from a lawyer to a lead in a rom-com to a period piece. I am aiming to open the door more for that, and my hope for the industry is that I leave the industry more inclusive and easier to work for the Latinos coming after me.

ML: Finally, any family or professional projects on the horizon with the two of you in collaboration?

Danielle: Ahh! That would be a dream! We cannot wait to act in a project together. I want to put that into a manifestation. So yes, in the near future we will be acting in a project together. Keep an eye out!  

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Jared Schlachet


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