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Exploring the Unique Style and Journey of Victoria Herran in Fashion and Beauty

Victoria Alysse Herran, a rising talent in the fashion and beauty world, defines her style as a unique fusion of eclectic, elegance, chic, and boldness. She artfully combines current fashion trends with timeless classics, creating a distinctive and captivating look. In an exclusive interview with Victoria, we delve into her inspiration, life, and more about the talented woman she is:

1. Hi Victoria! You're starting a career in the fashion and beauty space, how would you describe your style? I describe my style as unique, eclectic, elegant, chic, and bold while mixing current trends with classic styles. 2. How did your early involvement in the fashion and beauty industries shape your career, and what strategies do you use to build relationships with brands and grow your social media following? Since I was a little girl, I have always been passionate about the fashion industry. My mom has a really good eye when it comes to buying clothes and accessories and I was fortunate enough to grow up watching her. Currently, I use many of her vintage pieces to create my outfits. It’s so fun to go shopping in her closet. I now use these pieces to give my outfits some uniqueness. In terms of strategy for brand relationships, it’s something I try to prioritize while being newer to the industry. I tag brands in my content to get on their radars — I feel that they enjoy and appreciate seeing their pieces new and old being used in styling that is “out of the box”. It’s what has helped me grow on different platforms and really helped me to connect with the brands and their representatives. I’ve been attending a lot more in person events as well, and taking the time to form deep relationships with the wonderful people who work at the brands. I’m starting to make some wonderful friends in the industry, too! 3. Can you share more about your transition to focusing on lasting industry relationships and brand representation in your career? What motivated this shift? I answered this a little bit above, but it’s so important to connect on a personal level with the people you work with. This space is highly competitive, and the “talent” who have lasting careers in the industry tend to be really good at networking. Having a strong management and pr team is helpful too, as I can lean on their relationships to open doors that otherwise might not open for me. 4. Could you provide some insights into the brands you're particularly fond of or have a strong connection to, and how you integrate your love for these brands into your professional endeavors and content creation? This would be a long list! I’m really into Gucci right now. I just got the Bamboo 1947 Mini Top Handle Bag in blue and I love her! My silver metallic Adidas x Wales Bonner sneakers are my current casual go-tos. IGK’s Dry Shampoo is my favorite because it doesn’t leave any white residue on my dark hair. I never leave home without my Dior Lip Oil! And I don’t always wear mascara, but YSL’s Lash Clash Mascara has become a staple when I want to do a full makeup look. And I wouldn’t be a real Miami girl unless I told you about my favorite sunscreen from EltaMD (UV Clear Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 46). 5. What advice would you give to your younger self? I would give her a hug and tell her to stop doubting herself — she’s got this!

To learn more about Victoria Herran, follow her on Instagram @victoriaherran

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Daniela Escobar (@danielaescobarph).


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