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Experience the Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Travel has held universal appeal since the first people moved from place to place to see what was out there to see. A desire to explore and see what is beyond the next mountain range or over the horizon has united much of humanity for as long as we can remember.

Traveling the world means you can witness foreign cultures, see famous and beautiful sights, and live life in ways you never imagined possible. There are memories to make and many places to see, but how does one keep them all straight and get to see them all in a single lifetime? We’ll show you how and what, you decide on the where.

Image by Leah Newhouse via Pexels

How To Create a Travel Bucket List

If certain places hold an extra appeal or you want to hold yourself to the self-made promise of seeing these places in your lifetime, you should create a travel bucket list — a list of places to visit and experiences to have as a traveler. You can make this list featuring a mood board of images or a Pinterest board of the places you want to go to inspire commitment to tick off every spot on the list.

The phrase “bucket list” comes from “to kick the bucket," meaning to pass away. A bucket list of any kind is a list you create for yourself to tick off each item before you kick that proverbial bucket. If you’re making a list of places you want to see before you die, you can keep yourself accountable and on track by making that list physical or public on social media.

No list is too long or features too many places if you’re dedicated to seeing everything you wish to see.

All The Ways You Can Travel

There are many ways to see the far-flung places you wish to experience. Each different method of travel is suited to a different kind of traveler looking for a different type of experience. 

Air Travel

If you like luxury, the first choice for visiting places on your bucket list should be booking a private jet. Private jet hire in the United States and elsewhere is, without doubt, the fastest and most luxurious way to travel. Booking a private jet turns a long-haul flight into a chance to gaze out the window at the scenery below, plan your trip, or relax and rest before you touch town at an exciting destination. Private flights allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. In contrast, in the air, they allow for takeoff times to be set according to your travel schedule rather than what suits a commercial airline. 

Train Travel

For travel over shorter distances or for those who do not mind taking their time, luxury train travel is another way to experience the best of travel with a dash of old-world excellence. This kind of travel is particularly popular in parts of Europe where train travel was the only option for traveling great distances before flights became accessible. Plush sleeper cabins, richly embroidered cushions in comfortable dining carts, and gorgeous scenery flashing by outside the window — what's not to love? If you’re a romantic, this mode of travel will best suit you and your desire to experience the finer, beautiful things in life.

Road Travel

For those who like to rough it and experience the more rugged places along the way to their terminal destination, a road trip in a car or camper van may be a better option. You’ll need a lot of time on your hands, but you’ll be able to customize your travel experience like no other and experience all the details of little towns, villages, and cultural stops along the way to where you’re heading. If you’re a real adventurer, you may want to choose the road trip option with just a motorbike to ride and a single pack on your back. Take that turnoff that's not strictly on your way to see the world's largest ball of twine. Stop at a roadside restaurant claiming the best burger in the world, or bathe under a waterfall tumbling down from the mountains just because you can. A road trip means you’ll see your destination and all roads that lead to it differently.

Travel Experiences

Some modes of travel are just for experience, not necessarily to get you a long distance or to your final destination. These are often once-in-a-lifetime experiences and show you your bucket list destinations in ways you could never have imagined seeing them.

Hot Air Balloon

Taking a hot air balloon may not necessarily get you from place to place with all your luggage, but it will show you the world in a way that no other method of travel can. The complete peace of hot air travel makes it unique — you experience your view like a bird would when gliding through the sky. 

Image by Francesco Ungaro via Pexels

Water Experiences

If your destination is a coastal one, you may want to see the water from the deck of a boat or yacht or experience underwater life in a mini-submarine. Taking a boat ride on the ocean or across a lake takes us back to a simpler time when boat travel was one of the main ways to traverse the globe. Experience life on the water or even under it. While mini-sub excursions do not travel great distances, they get you up close and personal with sea life that you would otherwise not be able to see in person.

Tick It Off

Appreciating travel is part of what makes us human. We are explorers — whether far afield or within a smaller radius — and traveling fills us with wonder. Embrace that wonder and tick off all the items on your bucket list, one by one.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Pexels. Top photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash


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