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Eternal Blossom: Franz Josef Baur's Artistic Reflection on Life's Cycle

Renowned artist Franz Josef Baur delves into botany's cycle, portraying its phases from sowing to withering in his latest series, "Eternal Blossom - Cycle of Life." Through captivating artworks, Baur explores themes of transience, rebirth, and the eternal cycle, inviting viewers on a contemplative journey.

Baur's innovative approach blurs painting and object art boundaries, transforming flower images into captivating hybrids through distortion and resin treatment. This immersive experience challenges perceptions, allowing for creative exploration.

Each piece in the exhibition serves as a visual symphony of life, prompting reflection on the natural world's perpetual rhythm. Baur's intention is to engage viewers in contemplating the beauty within life's fleeting moments.

For further inquiries and to experience Baur's profound work, visit: or connect on Instagram: @franz_josefbaur.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Jenni Koller.


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