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Eskape Collection: Redefining Hospitality Excellence in Miami

Eskape Collection, an independent hospitality company headquartered in Miami Beach, started after Flavio Rossato finished his first hotel in South Beach in 2013. “I was looking for a boutique hospitality management company, and I didn’t find one. Then I decided to start my own, based on my experience as a traveler and as an architect, always looking for design and great experience staying away from home,” Rossato explains. “Everything was working great and after the first hotel opened, I developed, designed and built 2 more hotels in Miami Beach.”

The collection’s uniqueness lies in its approach to interiors and comfort. Rossato emphasizes, “All rooms are designed as apartments, because the idea behind is to offer a home away from home experience. I like guests to feel the spacious rooms, equipped with kitchen essentials, washer and dryer, balconies, floor to ceiling windows, and other amenities or comforts.” The interiors, curated by Rossato, have earned recognition in the boutique hotel industry.

Regarding maintaining a signature style and personalized services across properties, Rossato notes, “The interiors were curated by me, and we won some recognition in the boutique hotel industry.” This attention to detail and consistency underscores Eskape Collection’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

However, running an independent hospitality company comes with its challenges. Rossato highlights, “First, consistency with the company’s culture to offer the same quality of service in each hotel. Associated with that and the experience we want to offer to our customers, it’s all the rest, the way we deliver the rooms, cleaning, details like welcome cards, smell, light ambience, music etc.” Overcoming these challenges ensures Eskape Collection continues to shape the future of hospitality with its innovative approach and dedication to guest satisfaction.

When asked by Rossato to share other unique features of the Eskape Collection, he stated, “Firstly, we prioritize connectivity by offering fiber optics technology and lightning-fast internet connections, ensuring that guests can stay seamlessly connected throughout their stay. Secondly, we enhance interaction with guests through smartphone apps, providing a convenient platform for managing various aspects of their experience. Additionally, our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in our certification as green and energy-efficient hotels by OTA.”

For more information, visit:

Connect on Instagram: eskape.collection.

By Markin Abras. Images courtesy of Eskape Collection


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