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All Good Just A Week Ago

Two besties penned a unique and inclusive dating and relationship book during the thick of COVID lockdown, and we are so here for it.

All Good Just A Week Ago: Funny Dating Stories to Help You Keep Your Head in the Game is full of funny, outrageous, relatable dating stories and teachable moments bravely and candidly contributed by a cross section of men and women. This anonymous tell-all covers just about every dating scenario you can imagine (and even some you can’t). If you are single or if you know a single man or woman struggling to keep their head in the game, you need to pick up a copy of All Good Just A Week Ago.

During COVID lockdown, co-authors and best friends Erika McCall and Niesha Forbes, wanted to put their quarantine time to good use and set about interviewing 30 women and 20 men, gathering their detailed dating and relationship misadventures for this book. You’ll laugh, roll your eyes and shake your head as you thumb through the pages. You’ll also empathize with some of the more heartbreaking stories and learn a lot. Most importantly, you’ll know you are not alone. We’ve all been there!

According to recent statistics, as of 2019, 124 Million Americans (that’s 50% of the American adult population) are currently without a committed romantic partner. This state of singledom has been on a sharp incline since 1950 when a paltry 22% of Americans found themselves without a romantic partner. Yes, we know, times have changed and there aren’t too many June Cleavers running around these days. But one thing hasn’t changed… most people still want love, and in 2020, too many of us, both male and female, have let the train go off the rails.

Co-Authors Erika McCall and Niesha Forbes Want You to Learn After You Laugh

“It’s been the year of 20/20 vision, and it’s time for a dating and love revolution,” states All Good Just A Week Ago co-author, Erika McCall. Both women insist that starts with the release of their book. In addition to being entertaining, the two women set out to discover why romantic communication and the expectation rift are widening and how the stories in this book can help heal the relationship between men and women to foster close, loving, committed relationships, despite this new generation’s so-called “hook up culture.”

Erika and Niesha put some skin in the game by revealing some of their own past heartbreaks and romantic near-misses within the book’s pages. Erika who now describes herself as 100% single and “clearing the energy for her future husband to enter her life,” and Niesha who just celebrated her third wedding anniversary, hope that their book will start a widespread conversation about returning to a social norm of mutual respect, kindness and traditional courtship between the sexes.

According to Erika, “My story is the every-woman story. Prior to writing this book, I had gone from situationship to situationship, and that stops here!”

Niesha, who is now happily married, adds, “It is critical to know that once you get to a certain age, things you did in your early twenties, all those toxic behavior patterns where you are not putting your worth above your desire to be with someone, if you don’t do the work on yourself, you will find yourself in your thirties, forties and even fifties, having not learned the important lessons or found true love.”

In speaking about many of the dating and relationship books currently being marketed to women, Erika has been disappointed with the manner in which women were being condescended to. “A lot of books out there are written by men and are geared towards vulnerable, single women. They talk about how to get a man, like he is the prize. We wanted to talk to women and not at them. We also made sure to include the men’s stories in our book because we want the conversation to shift towards inclusiveness. We want to include men and validate their point of view and experiences as well.”

Niesha adds, “We try to bring it all back to a spiritual center. So many women will say, ‘I’m preparing for my husband.’ We believe we are in a season where men are going to wake up and be who they are called to be, and realize they do need a good woman in their life.”

After people laugh and feel the relatability of the stories throughout this book, later chapters inspire a call-to-action for both men and women to redirect towards what we can do collectively to move forward with a healthier dating and relationship dynamic. The women also discuss what they call “Kingdom Relationships and Marriages,” referencing God-centered values in dating and courtship, where both the man and woman are in the right season to receive and value each other with a shared goal of serving a higher purpose and “building strong legacies.” We know, we know. But before you dismiss this idea, think about how many young singles out there love to talk about wanting what their parents and grandparents shared. The struggle is real.

The must-read stories in this book are categorized into “Women’s Edition” and “Men’s Edition” and take our word for it, perspective is a hell of a thing! With Chapters like: Red Flags & Situationships, Heartaches & Disappointments, Married Men, Dodging Bullets, Love Made A Fool of Me, He/She Tried It, How I Met My Husband, How I Met My Wife, Strictly For Laughs, and, of course, Keep Your Head In The Game; your eyes will be glued to the pages.

Visit to pick up your copy. And if you think you have a must-read story to share with Erika and Niesha, email them through their website, and your story just might make it into All Good Just A Week Ago Part 2!

Words by Allison Kruger • Image courtesy of Don’t Wait Create LLC.


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