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Florida Esthetician is Revolutionizing the Skincare Industry

Emily Trampetti, licensed esthetician, skin coach, and fellow Floridian is shaking up the way we all care for our skin! Trampetti is founder and owner of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics Program, a fully virtual skincare coaching service that helps clients from all over the world, and in all stages of their skincare journey, finally take control of their skin and reach their goals.

When we asked Trampetti why we should all be investing in skin coaching vs. spa treatments, she told us that it all has to do with an important discovery she made while owning her skincare boutique up until the pandemic hit. She explains, “Esthetics is mostly an in-person kind of industry. But with the pandemic and people being more hesitant to leave the house, I saw an opportunity to create a solution that not only helped people feel safe, but also gave them the same, if not better, results with their skin goals.” Plus, Trampetti told us that soon after she started making her program available to clients, she started to see faster, better and more long-term results than she ever did in the spa setting.

Trampetti explained to us that, when she owned her spa, many of her clients would come in diligently for their monthly or quarterly treatments, but it was rare for any of them to heed her advice on homecare and consistency. “There was no control over long-term results,” she said. “My clients would spend an hour with me and I wouldn’t talk to them or see them for another four to six weeks. Many clients were also hesitant to purchase my homecare recommendations since they had already spent so much on the treatment itself. But what many people don’t understand is that properly prescribed homecare is more important than any amazing one-off treatment. The practices we do day-in, day-out are what truly matters.” And because the virtual program also gives her clients much more time with her, Trampetti is now able to personalize their routines and treatments perfectly while giving them access to more tools and resources that help them think like an esthetician long-term.

Today, the Skin Property Virtual Esthetics community continues to grow and change lives. Trampetti tells us that one of her favorite things about her new business is that she can help people from anywhere. Her client base has expanded in 2023 to over 16 U.S. states and parts of Europe.

As part of this feature, Trampetti also wanted to provide a generous gift for any Florida resident that is interested in signing up for a virtual consultation this summer. If you schedule your consultation between now and August 31, 2023, use code MIAMI50 to get 50% off your virtual consultation and plan fee.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit:

By ML Staff. Images by Joelle Elizabeth


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