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Elevate Your Spirits with Absolut Nights Unveils Global Flavor Trio

Say hello to Absolut Nights Smoky Piña, Absolut Nights Nordic Spice, and Absolut Nights Orange Peel – three vibrant characters in the world of vodka, each with its unique personality, unique taste and best served as shots.

Picture yourself in the heart of Mexico, surrounded by the aroma of chargrilled pineapple mingling with the smoky air. Now, bottle that sensation, and you’ve got Absolut Nights Smoky Piña. Inspired by the traditional chargrilled pineapple, this bold flavor is a testament to the vibrancy of Mexican cuisine and the spirit of celebration.

With its sweet yet smoky profile, this drink is sure to add a fiery kick to your night. Best served chilled in a shot glass, each sip is a journey to the heart of Mexico, where every moment is infused with flavor and festivity.

Venture into the enchanting world of the Nordics with Absolut Nights Nordic Spice, a liquid symphony crafted to perfection. Infused with the warmth of green cardamom, the zest of ginger, and the sweetness of apple, this shot is a celebration of craft and heritage wrapped in a veil of urban energy.

As you raise your glass under the shimmering Northern Lights, prepare for a multi-dimensional flavor experience. Like its fellow flavor cousins in this collection, it’s best served cool in a shot glass.

Embrace the zesty allure of Absolut Nights Orange Peel, a fusion of citrusy goodness and bold coffee undertones. Inspired by Asian heritage, this distinctive drink delivers a burst of freshness with every sip, balanced by a subtle spicy kick and creamy aftertaste.

Best served chilled in a shot glass, this liquid masterpiece is the perfect companion for nights filled with spontaneity and fun.

So, if you’re in the mood for a journey of flavors from around the world, Absolut Nights is the perfect choice. Whether you’re craving the smoky sweetness of Mexico, the spicy warmth of the Nordics, or the citrusy kick of Asia, there’s a shot waiting for you.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Absolut


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