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Eat Me Guilt Free Brings Consumers the 1st Better-for-you Cake Mix on the Market

Have your cake and eat it, too! As a result of the success with its brownies, Eat Me Guilt Free introduces its new Chocolate Cake Mix and Vanilla Cake Mix to its tasty line of health-focused brownies, tortilla wraps, protein bread and baguettes. Eat Me Guilt Free is dedicated to product innovation and the enhancement of its existing products and is equally committed to creating new and improved formulas. While improving the quality of ingredients in its products, the brand remains focused on maintaining an unprecedented protein-packed and low-carb ratio.

Eat Me Guilt Free is proud to bring consumers the first better-for-you cake mix on the market. They feature ingredients sourced in Europe, where regulations against food additives are more stringent than in the U.S. The protein-packed, better-for-you chocolate and vanilla cake mixes are perfect for baking birthday cakes, cupcakes, Bundt cakes and more for any occasion that is celebrated with a conventional boxed cake mix at home. Eat Me Guilt Free prides itself on product innovation and creating food experiences that are second to none. Eat Me Guilt Free’s protein cake mixes are just as easy to make as any conventional boxed cake mix and only require adding two ingredients – oil and eggs. The cake slices are unbelievably decadent and only boast six grams of sugar vs. 22 grams of sugar in a traditional slice of cake. Better-for-you never tasted so delicious.

Each flavor is $9.99 per box and contains 11 grams of protein and six grams net carbs per serving.

The Chocolate Cake Mix can be purchased here and theVanilla Cake Mix is available here.

Eat Me Guilt Free’s “Free Delicious” campaign represents the brand’s core belief that freedom should not have limitations. The main message of the “Free Delicious” campaign is that eating better-for-you foods that taste good is a choice consumers should make for themselves. For decades, food companies dictated what delicious was by adding addictive ingredients to products to make them taste good. With its Free Delicious campaign, Eat Me Guilt Free is redefining delicious and surrounding it with better nutrition fact ratios, less sugar, no preservatives and no GMOs. The new cake mixes reflect the same notion.

“At Eat Me Guilt Free, we pride ourselves on being able to innovate and expand our product line and are thrilled to launch the first-ever, better-for-you cake mix,” said Cristie Besu, founder of Eat Me Guilt Free. “Our original chocolate and vanilla cake mixes are perfect to celebrate all of life’s special moments and will make consumers feel good both inside and out.”

Besu started baking Eat Me Guilt Free treats straight from her very own kitchen in 2013 while working as a registered nurse and certified sports nutritionist. What began as a passion project soon turned into a small business for the mom of three, as she discovered the importance and satisfaction protein-packed and better-for-you foods provided to others.

Since inception, Eat Me Guilt Free has grown from a direct-to-consumer online business with sales fueled by Instagram to national and international distribution. The company now boasts a team of 30 employees and continues to create unique products and fun flavors for everyone to enjoy. Besu’s guilt-free and protein-packed brownies, bread, baguettes, and tortilla wraps are available for purchase at more than 7,500 independent retailers nationwide, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Albertsons and Safeway, as well as, and

For more information or to purchase Eat Me Guilt Free products, please visit

More on Eat Me Guilt Free

Eat Me Guilt Free was founded by Registered Nurse and Certified Sports Nutritionist Cristie Besu in Miami, FL in 2013. What began as a passion project soon turned into a small business for the Cuban-American mom-of-three, as she discovered the importance and satisfaction protein-packed and better-for-you foods provided to others. Eat Me Guilt Free, which sources ingredients primarily from Europe for higher quality food standards, offers healthy solutions for those who strive to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Besu never sacrifices taste and texture when creating original recipes, hand-crafted by artisan bakers in small batches in order to ensure optimal freshness. The brand also uses Modified Atmosphere Packaging in select products to exclude unnecessary preservatives. Eat Me Guilt Free’s product line of bread, brownies, snacks and tortilla wraps offers an unprecedented protein-to-carbohydrate ratio, making them a high-protein, low-carb alternative to traditional snacks and foods. Eat Me Guilt Free fills a gap in the market for an alternative to sweets that people can feel good about putting into their bodies. Available on, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, Eat Me Guilt Free also offers an exclusive subscription. Eat Me Guilt Free is recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Eat Me Guilt Free


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