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Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA, to Host Monthly Psychedelic Series at Soho Beach House Miami on Feb. 8

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

On Tuesday, February 8 at 7 p.m., Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA, will present his monthly Psychedelic Series at Soho Beach House Miami. Moderated by Robinson, the panel will feature Evan Levine, CEO of PsyBio Therapeutics Corp.; Courtney Barnes, Esq., founding partner of Barnes Caplan, LLP; and Kaia Roman, bestselling author and psychedelic entrepreneur.

Every month, the Psychedelic Series features experts in the psychedelics space including CEOs, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. Past panelists include NBA champion Lamar Odom, Stanley Cup champion Daniel Carcillo, Psilera Bioscience CEO Chris Witowski, PhD, Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon, and others.

Robinson is Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law – a full service law firm focused on the cannabis and psychedelic industries; Co-Founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law – a non-profit focused on psychedelic legal reform; and Managing Principal of Iter Investments – a venture capital firm deploying capital across the psychedelic ecosystem. Along with Iter Investments, he recently launched Nucleus, a data-driven psychedelics platform that is focused on mental health data and technologies.

Levine is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PsyBio Therapeutics Corp., an integrated and intellectual property driven biotechnology company developing novel psychoactive medicinal candidates produced by genetically modified bacteria intended for the treatment of mental health challenges and other human disorders. PsyBio has full translational capabilities with both industrial and academic laboratories including a dedicated vivarium. The PsyBio team has extensive experience in drug discovery and development based on synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, medicinal chemistry and clinical pharmacology as well as clinical and regulatory expertise progressing drugs through human studies and governmental protocols. Levine was responsible for acquiring the key platform technology, building the corporate infrastructure of the Company, funding an institutional financing round led by US venerated dedicated health care funds and taking the company public on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

Licensed to practice law in California and Colorado, Barnes is a Founding Partner at Barnes Caplan LLP, a boutique law and policy firm based in Denver, Colorado, and serves as Counsel at Feldman Legal Advisors PLLC, a cannabis and psychedelics business law firm located in New York State. Barnes specializes in advising clients on regulatory compliance, risk management, and strategic operational matters relating to the production and distribution of strictly regulated compounds in emerging industries. In addition to her legal practice, Barnes is a passionate psychedelics and criminal justice policy reform advocate who has vast experience drafting and helping to implement state and local policy change relating to the regulation of cannabis and psychedelics. Most notably, she assisted with the drafting of Denver’s cannabis social use ordinance in 2016, Denver’s psilocybin decriminalization initiative in 2018, Texas House Bill 1325, establishing a state commercial hemp program in 2019, as well as California Senate Bill 519 and Michigan House Bill 631 in 2021. Both bills would decriminalize non-commercial activities involving psychedelics.

Roman is the bestselling author of “The Joy Plan,” a practical guide to the neuroscience of joy, which was featured on the TODAY Show as the inspiration for the hosts’ week-long “complaint cleanse.” Inspired by her personal healing experiences with psychedelic medicine, Roman is merging 20 years of brand experience work in Silicon Valley, for clients such as Google, Twilio, and Doctor on Demand, with her neuroscience and mindfulness research and training to bring the profound healing capabilities of these medicines to as many people as possible. Roman is the Chief Experience Officer of KetaMD, a telemedicine platform for at-home ketamine treatment, and the VP of Communications and Strategy for Psycheceutical, Inc., a biotech company developing patented psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines. She is also a sought-after mindfulness instructor and psychedelic and integration guide for some of Silicon Valley‘s most influential leaders. Roman’s popular blog on mindbodygreen explores how humans connect, heal, and flourish, offering science-backed tips for biohacking joy.

The event is private and only open to Soho Beach House members.


Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022; 7 p.m. EST


Soho Beach House Miami

4385 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Dustin Robinson


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