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Dr. Patty's Dental Boutique & Spa's Black Customer Base Increases as a Result of Black Lives Matter

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Dr. April Patterson aka Dr. Patty, is a black cosmetic dentist who owns Dr. Patty's Dental Boutique and Spa in South Florida. Dr. April Patterson is used to standing out. As a rare Black woman-owned business in the dental world, Patterson’s journey forced her to stand out above the rest, creating a business model unlike any other. She created a dental boutique and spa, an experience that customers can look forward to instead of dreading.

“Whenever you’re the minority, you can’t help but notice that nobody looks like you,” said Patterson, who earned her Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, then went to Michigan Dental School to complete her residency and earn her doctorate. While in dental school she studied with over 100 students and there were only two Black females. “In general, we are a minority in the industry,” Patterson says.

4.3 percent of American dentists are Black and Patterson wants to change that. She specifically seeks Black employees, including Black doctors. She’s also actively communicating her identity to the world, in part so she can be a role model to others. Patterson mentors other women in the field, so that they feel okay to talk about being a Black, successful dentist.

“In the past, my role as a Black woman was muted because I didn’t know how the response would be,” Patterson admits that she did not hide who she was, but didn’t directly put the message out there either.

But now, as the nation collectively watches the momentum of Black Lives Matter and the growth of supporting black businesses, “I’m proud of who I am,” Patterson says. “It feels more comfortable to be out and proud as a successful Black business owner.”

Patterson shares that her clientele is becoming more diverse as well. Now that she has positioned herself as a black business owner through social media and marketing, the Black community have sought Patterson’s dental and spa services. “I think they feel empowered through this movement and people want to look and feel their best.”

By ML Staff. Image by Dr. April Patterson


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