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Turning Data into Dollars: A Female Founded Brokerage Breaks into Miami’s Residential Real Estate Market

With its vibrant culture, balmy climate, and robust employment opportunities, Miami stands as a beacon in the realm of residential real estate. It is a city that never ceases to draw seekers of sun-drenched homes, ranking prominently as the nation’s fourth-largest hub for new apartment development.

Emerging from the bustling streets of New York City, female-founded brokerage, Development Marketing Team (DMT), which has, until now, quietly woven its narrative amidst the towering projects of South Florida’s real estate landscape, is bullish on implementing its data-driven approach across new developments in the Sunshine State. Rooted in a philosophy that amalgamates sales and leasing, data analytics, experiential marketing, social media strategies, and an unwavering commitment to brand augmentation, DMT is commencing its foray into the 305 with a fervent dedication to redefining the contours of real estate marketing.

An Integrated Paradigm Shaped by Data Alchemy

In stark contrast to the conventional paradigms of real estate brokerage, DMT has redefined the very essence of this industry. It operates as a cohesive entity that integrates every facet of the sales and marketing milieu under one expansive roof. From sales and leasing endeavors to the art of branding and creativity, and even interior design and staging, DMT navigates all these domains with finesse and precision.

Central to this innovative approach is the omnipresent force of data. DMT thrives on advanced algorithms and insights, aligning its marketing endeavors with the intricate trajectory of the discerning customer. Herein lies the crux of their modus operandi: the collection, interpretation, and utilization of data to curate impeccable pricing strategies, tailored marketing campaigns, and a sales trajectory of unrivaled efficiency. Through profound market insights, data-driven campaigns, and a relentless commitment to project optimization, DMT elevates the conversion rates, lease-ups, and sellouts of new development projects across New York City and Miami.

The Pioneers of DMT

At the helm of this trailblazing enterprise are two remarkable individuals, Alyssa Brody and Erica Sachse. Alyssa’s Miami origins provide a fitting prelude. Her affinity for real estate was kindled by her stepfather who initiated her into the world of real estate during high school. Her academic journey, which led her to earn a bachelor’s degree at FIU, was further propelled by her migration to New York for a legal education, where she honed her expertise in real estate. During her time in law school, Alyssa’s side hustle with a notable brokerage set the stage for a burgeoning career in real estate. Her not-so-temporary side job turned into more than a decade of experience with career sales totaling over $700 million.

Erica Sachse is a growth marketing expert, data scientist, and successful entrepreneur. Specializing in full-funnel property marketing, Erica excels at creating innovative and data-driven project brands and executing digital processes that take real estate projects from first impressions through close. Growing up in a family of developers, Erica is no stranger to the world of real estate. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Erica combined her love for urban development with her passion for marketing. She started her career at a fast-growing, property marketing startup in Australia and helped to lead and grow its digital marketing team. Upon returning to NYC, Erica recognized the immense opportunity to redefine the traditional sales and marketing process through a data-enabled approach.

Their common knowledge and passion for innovation would prove fateful, igniting a partnership that would be pivotal in shaping the future of DMT.

The DMT Difference

At DMT, data is a forethought, not an afterthought. DMT is redefining the traditional sales and marketing process by applying data science and machine learning to real estate. Leveraging property data, predictive analytics, and consumer touchpoints, DMT employs advanced algorithms that personalize the sales process, optimize engagement, and increase conversions. Through its integrated, proven approach, DMT identifies critical consumer touchpoints and market insights, unlocking the full potential of new development projects.

To date, DMT has represented notable owners and operators including:

  • Continuum Group

  • MG Developer

  • MKF Realty / Raghsa

  • JMH Development

  • Urban Standard Capital

  • Phil Gutman LLC

In Retrospect

DMT has masterfully integrated the art of brokering with the science of marketing into a singular, harmonious symphony. Fueled by the data expertise of Erica Sachse and the residential sales acumen of Alyssa Brody, DMT has burgeoned to encompass 25 dedicated professionals, anchoring multiple in-house divisions, from resales to new developments, social media, and design. An entity that has notched sales volumes exceeding $49 million in a mere three years, DMT now heralds its expansion into the Miami landscape, poised to infuse the Sunshine State with its signature data-driven brilliance.

For more information and the latest with Development Marketing Team, visit:

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Development Marketing Team


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