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Discover the Fountain of Youth at Casa Privee in Brickell

From Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers to Red Light Therapy, Ketamine, Cryo and more, Miami’s chicest medical wellness center makes you young again!

Red Light Therapy

From the moment you step into Brickell’s Casa Privee, whether you are chauffeur driven by their on-call Bentley and butler, or drive yourself, you are immediately greeted with a glass bottle of Norwegian-sourced water and offered champagne, coffee or escorted straight to your treatment.

The illustrious medical wellness center is the “brain child” (pun intended) of world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Bankole Johnson, a Nigerian-born doctor with a medical degree, two doctorates, and a master’s degree, including a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) – the highest accolade awarded by British universities. His degrees are from the likes of the University of Glasgow, London, and Oxford while his contributions to medicine have been acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth II.

Dr. Bankole Johnson

Dr. Johnson’s mantra is simple: "Time Travel in Medicine," which will make you look and feel younger and enhance your mind-body well-being. The goal is to enhance guest’s quality of life while adding on a few more years. Guests can go for the full beauty, wellness, and relaxation experience to just feel and look better, or they can fully get better: Dr. Johnson and the team at Casa Privee treat everyone from cancer patients to autism to severe brain injuries.  

A recent episode of The Real Housewives of Miami featured Alexia Neopla bringing her son Frankie in for hyperbaric oxygen as part of his treatment for a brain injury suffered during a traumatic car accident. Pop star Taylor Dayne received hyperbaric oxygen exactly a year post-cancer treatment, while athletes such as former heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis and NFL star David Njoku have all received treatments.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

But celebrities aside, it’s all about the machines and treatment. Whether it’s sleep, anxiety, depression, weight gain, or any kind of ailment, Casa Privee and Dr. Johnson have the fix.

For sleep, it’s the NASA-like Theta Chamber (which spins in conjunction with the earth’s rotation) that lets you sleep like a BABY - literally! 30-minutes inside the Theta Chamber is equivalent to three days of sleep! The Theta technology helps the brain reduce stress and regain chemical balance and is used to treat stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and addiction.

Theta Chamber

An hour inside the Hyperbaric Chamber will help you feel and look unequivocally better! In addition to helping moderate the effects of traumatic brain injuries, recover faster from concussions and speed up recovery associated with sprains, tears and bone fractures, HBOT therapy flat out makes you healthier!

Their full-body Red Light Therapy machine helps accelerate muscle repair and restores motion to joints supporting athletic performance and recovery. It also promotes skin anti-aging and serves as an adjunct therapy for weight loss.

Just one cryotherapy session reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, improves metabolism and assists with pain relief while IVs chock full of nutrients and hydrations can supplement a vitamin and water-deficient body. 


Dr. Johnson is also fully licensed for the distribution of ketamine therapy which helps with depression, PTSD, pain and more.

IV Ketamine

A little more vain? Casa Privee offers EMSculpt, where a 30-minute treatment equals 25,000 sit-ups! It offers non-invasive body shaping with heat and magnetic energy simultaneously. It reduces fat and improves muscle growth. 


Want to stay for more than one session?  Packages range from one-offs to annual memberships to extended stays upstairs in their fully accessible hotel and apartment suites.  Guests have been known to fly in from around the world to stay weeks to cure addiction or disease.

“Simply put, we help you look and feel years younger,” says Dr. Johnson.

1395 Brickell Ave

Miami, FL 33131

(305) 748-6286

Instagram: @Casa.privee

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Casa Privee


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