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Discover Saint-Germain: The New Sofa System by Poliform

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and inspired by organic forms that reinterpret the design of the ‘70s, Saint-Germain is a sofa system capable of transforming any space into a warm and intimate landscape, infusing a pleasant feeling of domestic comfort.

Soft and enveloping lines are present in all the elements of the collection, which includes diverse modules allowing to create linear, angular, or unconventional compositions, always characterized by an interplay of volumes and depths with welcoming appeal.

From the haute couture materiality of bouclé fabrics to the contemporary elegance of hide, the finishing enhances the voluptuous volumes of Saint-Germain, making it aesthetically versatile.

The Saint-Germain collection is completed with the new Koishi coffee tables. Designed to complement the sofa, they reflect its curved lines and organic shapes.


For more Saint-Germain information, please visit Poliform.


By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Poliform


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