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Discover Alea Pro by Poliform

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Alea Pro by Poliform is a high-performing kitchen that combines quality materials with a contemporary look, offering versatile solutions and customization possibilities.

A restyling of the iconic Alea, one of Poliform’s most long-standing and successful kitchen collections, Alea Pro enriches the essential appearance of the original system with new details and finishes.

What is new, is the design of the cabinet door with tapered upper edge and handle profile combined with the contour in aluminum, champagne, and mocha finishes. The detail of the spread-out side gives the bases a more lightweight appearance. The PR24 glass cabinet door for bases, wall units, and columns adds rhythm to the composition with plays of transparency and interiors in wood.

The carefully redefined details, including the grooves, the handle shape, and the spaced side panels further enhance the minimal aesthetic and versatility of the system, for a kitchen that is highly functional and modern.

The Alea Pro kitchen is completed with two new snack bar surfaces: the Planar overhang surface designed to be the perfect continuation of the top on the island bases and the Lama round snack bar, which can be personalized with different finishes.

As with the Alea model, Alea Pro also offers an extensive range of finishes to meet all kinds of tastes. Some of the most interesting ones include the LCT laminate and the MDi Inalco finish applied to the whole system – from the surfaces to the sides, and from the cabinet doors to the built-in sink, without any visible joins.

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By ML Staff. Courtesy of Poliform


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