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Dior Men’s New Collection by Kim Jones: A Fusion of Craftsmanship & Contemporary Design

Presented against a backdrop of monumental sculptures by South African ceramicist Hylton Nel, the new collection by Kim Jones for Dior Men spotlights the craft and skills of Dior’s Ateliers. Luxury meets utility and men’s workwear borrows new resonance from women’s haute couture in new silhouettes that celebrate a contemporary legacy.  

The Artistic Director for Dior men’s collections borrowed from the language of ceramics for this season’s collection, creating silhouettes that are both refined and sculptural. Knitwear adopts playful motifs, prints and ceramic fastenings gleaned from Hylton Nel’s works. Studded motifs on garments, bags and shoes are also inspired by the ceramicist’s world. Rounded forms predominate in tailoring and outerwear, while ethereal cuts flatter the movement of the body. Clogs in elevated materials such as beech wood and calf leather morph into biker boots or elegant derbys. 

Kim Jones focuses his vision to reinterpret the Dior archives. Taken from an Yves Saint-Laurent piece from fall-winter 1960, a scarf collar motif runs throughout the collection. The Saddle bag, an icon of Dior style for over 25 years, is softened with curvilinear contours. Cloche hats designed by Stephen Jones in conjunction with Earth Age in Cape Town add a playful touch to the silhouettes. Local South African craftspeople hand-crocheted the hats and ceramic beads were applied in Paris. This coming together of craft embodies the collective energy and artisanal handiwork that define Dior.    

ML Staff. Content/image(s) courtesy of Dior


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