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Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami Kicks Off on May 14

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami kicks off South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center's (SMDCAC) Sessions series with a breathtaking performance of "Apollo & Daphne" by choreographer Ben-Needham Wood and performed by dancers Claudia Lezcano & Fabian Morales and musicians Anthony Seepersad & Inesa Gegprifti. Music by Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt and costume design by Susan Roemer of S-Curve Apparel.

Inspired by the life sized Apollo & Daphne sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Rome’s Borghese museum, Ben Needham-Wood has created a contemporary take on classic mythological tale of a beautiful Naiad Nymph, Daphne, daughter of the river God Peneus, and Apollo, the God of Light. Both have been hit by arrows of Cupid (Eros). Apollo, struck by a golden arrow, falls madly in love with Daphne. Daphne, however is determined to remain unmarried and untouched by a man forever. Though sympathetic to Apollo’s plight, she has been struck by a lead arrow hardening her heart toward his lustful advances, and soon wants nothing more than to escape him. Peneus, in an act of mercy, uses the power o metamorphosis to save Daphne from Apollo’s overwhelming persistence by transforming her into a Laurel tree. Apollo in turn imposes his power of eternal life to make the laurel’s leaves evergreen, so that he may capture and hold on to her beauty forever.

Emmy award winning choreographer

Choreographer Ben Needham-Wood is an Emmy award winning choreographer based out of San Francisco. His stage works have been performed across the United States by such companies as Smuin Contemporary Ballet, Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, Dance Theatre of San Francisco, and the Louisville Ballet, among others. Ben was honored to be selected as a choreographer for the 2016 National Choreographers Initiative in Irvine, CA. In 2015, Ben received an EMMY Award for his choreography in the feature-segment BaseBallet, which was later recognized by the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame. Following that success, Ben produced and choreographed a follow-up special, BaseBallet: Into the Game, with collaborators Weston Krukow and Matt McKee, earning recognition with four more regional Emmy awards.

Audiences are encouraged to support these wonderful artists by donating to You can stay connected to the company on social media as well via Facebook: Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami (@DDTMiami), Instagram: @dimensionsdancemia or Twitter: DimensionsDanceMIA (@ddtmiami).

The South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center's virtual cabaret series SMDCAC Sessions, supports local artists and will continue to premiere new performances on its Facebook page on a regular schedule every Thursday until further notice. 

For more info visit SMDCAC.

By Miami Living Staff, Image by Simon Soong


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