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DIESEL 2020 Capsule Collection Dedicated to Pride

DIESEL just launched of the DIESEL 2020 Capsule Collection Dedicated to Pride, consisting of 49 pieces total. At a time in which celebrations and gatherings may not be able to occur as they once did, DIESEL is trying to champion Pride with even more strength and support. Being who we are should not be up for debate, judgment or approval—nor should Pride be in any way minimized when facing new obstacles and turbulent horizons. That being said: It is more important than ever to promote and take action for freedom, fairness and justice. 

2020 marks the second season that DIESEL has designed a capsule dedicated to Pride. Primarily, it consists of underwear, beachwear, and accessories. Notable items include boxer briefs, bikinis, jock straps, socks, baseball hats, tank tops, bodysuits, T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sunglasses and watches.

Contents around the capsule have been created by LGBTQIA+ individuals around the world: Harlow Monroe, Sofia Malamute, Stella Lucia, Kai Isiah Jamal, Saro and Ian Isiah. Each created imagery through their lenses and in their own homes and places of shelter.

The DIESEL 2020 Capsule Collection dedicated to Pride is available worldwide through retail, wholesale and trade channels, and the full line may be purchased through

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ML Staff, courtesy of DIESEL


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