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Diane de Vries Ashley Elected Chair of Seraphic Fire Board of Directors

“As it enters its 21st Season, I am delighted to help lead Seraphic Fire into new heights of excellence,” says Ms. Ashley. “In my tenure, I hope to work towards broad collaboration with the community and other arts groups, and continue to expand our educational reach.”

"Diane has worked tirelessly throughout the past year as a member of the Executive Committee to ensure Seraphic Fire remains stable and focused on its mission while navigating a transition in executive leadership," said Matthew Kacergis, currently serving as Interim Managing Director. "In fact, the organization has continued to grow and plan for the future during this period. Seraphic's next Executive Director will be well-positioned for success under her mentorship and guidance."

Seraphic Fire 2153 Coral Way, Ste. 401 Miami, FL 33145 (786) 665-8424; c: (786) 741-4366 |

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Seraphic Fire


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