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Miami-Based Entrepreneur Diana Hernandez is Reimagining the Barbershop & Beauty Salon Landscape

An industrial designer by trade, Diana Hernandez, partner and designer for The Spot Barbershop and co-owner of Blos Roses, started her creative journey in the toy industry. Over the years, she worked on a number of incredible projects that allowed her to grow and establish herself within the competitive industry. From packaging, branding, product development, commercial space design, home furnishings and interiors. … design is what she does.

"Most people never get to experience that feeling. Creating something that didn’t previously exist is intoxicating and addictive. First there’s an idea, then over time it turns into this amazing thing that exists, and you are its creator. Once you’ve been bitten by the design bug, you’re a lifer. Thats what I’m most proud off: I will never forget the first time one of my designs hit the shelves. Walking down the aisle of ToysRus with so much pride "I CREATED THAT.” - Diana Hernandez.

The Spot Barbershop was founded by the Perdomo brothers and since bringing on-board their family friend Diana Hernandez, the dynamic trio have created a sophisticated, stylish and recognizable brand in a rising niche market and are always one step ahead of what every man thinks they need when it comes to their barbershop, including great prices. By creating an experience, not just as service, The Spot set out to bridge the gap between the $15 barbershop and the $60 salon by offering full-service haircuts and facial grooming for an average of $30, they also offer manicures, pedicures, and waxing services, which start at just $15.  The moment you step into any of The Spot locations, you immediately feel relaxed and catered too. With an open bar to take the edge off and a chill lounge where you can set up shop and indulge in a library full of contemporary books. Every location’s atmosphere is on-point. Each design slightly catering to the shop location but all include a rustic, vintage and industrial design theme – each barber chair is a luxurious, rare vintage piece which are sourced worldwide, lots of edgy artwork, antique motorcycles and car parts, and trendy beats playing in the background – all brought to you by the trio’s interior design guru, Diana Hernandez. Not only is The Spot loved by the local communities of Miami, but celebrities Conor McGregor and Cedric Gervais among others, can’t seem to get enough. 

16 babershops later (with many more coming soon!), Diana  expanded her portfolio once again with the help of her partner, Karolyn Henao. Diana and Karolyn launched Blos Roses last year and it is quickly changing the beauty market in Miami with their innovative concept.

Blos Roses is a concept like none other that bridges the gap between high-quality beauty services and time. Blos Roses introduces the first combo chair where all three services can be performed at once: blow dry, manicure and pedicure in less than 60 minutes - perfect for the modern woman or mommy on the go. Blos Roses understands the evolving patterns in the beauty industry and through this unique offering, Blos Roses provides a differentiated opportunity for customers. Diana Hernandez recognized that there was an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the beauty service industry and knew that by creating a collective beauty experience, she would give every modern woman, like herself, an opportunity to take back one of the most valuable commodities that money can’t buy — TIME!

"As a businesswoman and mother I found a gap in the beauty industry where high quality and time are disconnected. The modern woman finds her self coordinating numerous events in her life This presented as a perfect opportunity for me to jump from the barbershop business and expand into the female category. Studies show that 49% of women say they don’t have enough free time to do things they enjoy, such as going to the salon. I felt the need to create and experience for the modern woman, why should we have to sacrifice time for beauty?"  - Diana Hernandez.

By ML Staff. Images by The Spot Barbershop


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