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Diamond Spas & Pools: Creating Custom Luxury Aquatic Masterpieces

For over 28 years, Diamond Spas & Pools has been at the forefront of creating custom luxury pools, spas, glass walled pools and spas, swim spas, tile-ready pools and spas, cold therapy plunge pools, energy efficient portable spas, water features and luxury indoor / outdoor baths. Using state-of-the-art materials like copper and stainless steel, they ensure unmatched durability compared to traditional options like fiberglass or gunite.

Copper in ground spa with front bowed copper skirting, interior stairway, bench seating and LED lighting. © Mark Woolcott Photography

Stainless steel pool with sun shelf, bench seating on side walls of pool, swim up bar, swim spa system, laminar jets, LED lighting and automatic cover. © Jimi Smith Photography

Let’s explore what they offer:

Custom Pools: Custom pools for any design, from rooftop oases to mountain-side lap pools. Diamond Spas’ stainless steel or copper pools offer an inviting, eco-friendly alternative to conventional pool construction.

Custom Spas & Hot Tubs: Creation of luxury spas for residential and commercial properties, providing the perfect relaxation with hydro massage, hydrotherapy, mesmerizing water visuals, and soothing sounds.

Glass Walled Pools: Embrace innovation with glass-walled pools and spas. These unique designs add both function and aesthetics to your luxury pool or spa, featuring crystal-clear glass for onlookers inside and outside.

Rooftop, Elevated Pools & Spas: Elevate your pool or spa experience with rooftop installations. Stainless steel and copper are ideal choices due to their lightweight nature and durability. Diamond Spas design single-piece assemblies for easy maneuvering.

Left to right: Elevated / rooftop stainless steel spa with four-sided infinity edge and black stone overlay. © Eric Laignel Photography; In ground stainless steel spa with bench seating, LED lighting and automatic cover. © Jimi Smith Photography; Elevated / Rooftop stainless steel spa with LED lighting, two loungers, bench seating and interior stairway. Calichi Resort / © Steve Simonsen Photography

Custom Cold Therapy Plunge Pools: Cold plunge pools, also called ice baths, are kept at a constant 50 to 55 degrees. By rapidly cooling the body, blood circulation is stimulated, pores are closed and detoxified. Cold plunge pools also numb the joints and are effective in reducing pain and relieving muscle spasms. An ideal option for athletes or anyone looking for total body wellness.

Swim Spas: Diamond Spas’ swim spas combine technology and aesthetics, offering the perfect exercise solution, from intense workouts to hydrotherapy sessions, all in the durability of stainless steel and copper.

Tile-Ready Pools & Spas: Development of leak-tight metal vessels ready for tiling. These can be used for pools, spas, swim spas, cold plunge therapy pools, and water features. Diamond Spas provide you with a stainless-steel shell, and your tile installer can bring your preferences to life.

Custom Water Features: Diamond Spas’ water features are hand crafted from stainless steel or copper, creating a serene atmosphere that seamlessly blends with your landscaping materials, whether for your home or business.

Left to right: In ground custom copper cold plunge therapy pool; Copper Spa with three-sided skirting, bench seating, LED lighting and automatic cover. © Sean O’Rourke Photography

Elevated / Rooftop stainless steel tiled pool with interior stairway, front infinity edge water feature, LED lighting and automatic cover. © Mark Woolcott Photography

For more information visit or call Diamond Spas toll free: (800) 951-7727

By ML Staff.


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