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Design Miami/Basel 2023 Now Open

The 17th edition of Design Miami/ Basel is now open, presenting rare and unique displays of collectible design from 26 galleries across the ground floor of the fair’s established location, the Basel Messeplatz. Running 13-18 June, this year’s fair is a celebration of Design Miami/ Basel’s origins, offering an intimate celebration of the galleries that have shaped the market for collectible design as we know it today, offering a meeting place for gallerists, collectors and design enthusiasts to share and discover the very best of historic and contemporary design, with a particular focus on the iconic 20th century design that has become synonymous with the Basel fair.

Exhibitor Highlights/

Award Winners/

Design Miami/ is delighted to announce this year’s Best of Show award winners, selected by Lee Mindel (Architect), Simon Andrews (Advisor), and Grela Orihuela (Design Miami/ Senior Vice President of Fairs).

Best Gallery Presentation: Galerie DOWNTOWN Francois Laffanour/

“The 2023 Best Gallery Presentation goes to LAFFANOUR- Galerie Downtown. Not just for this year's imaginative, thorough, and elegant celebration along with their juxtaposition of the world of Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, and current emerging artists, but for their continuous contribution that has set a very high bar at Design Miami/ Basel.” - Lee Mindel (Architect)

Galerie DOWNTOWN Francois Laffanour at Design Miami/ Basel 2023. Photo credit - James Harris.

Best Historic Work: Caryatides high table/ Diego Giacometti, circa 1976/ Courtesy of Galerie Jacques Lacoste/

“Diego Giacometti’s 1976 Caryatid table (Galerie Jacques Lacoste) is a sublime and masterful expression of an artist confident of his fluency. Of impressive scale and assured presence, the sensitively modeled bronze structure delineates space to command authority. Alongside his brother Alberto, the Giacometti's defined sculptural language to celebrate the poetry of timelessness.” - Simon Andrews (Advisor)

Galerie Jacques Lacoste at Design Miami/ Basel 2023. Photo credit - James Harris.

Best Contemporary Work: Bone Chair/ Joris Laarman, 2006/ Courtesy of Friedman Benda/

“Joris Laarman’s 2006 aluminum 'Bone chair' (Friedman Benda) synthesizes a mastery of technical innovation, inquisitive form, and pioneering material structure to deliver a new language for the twenty-first century. Since its launch at Design Miami in 2006, examples of the Bone Chair have been acquired by major European and American museums, underlining the ongoing importance of recognizing and nurturing new talent and providing the appropriate platforms to allow new thoughts to be shared.” - Simon Andrews (Advisor)

Friedman Benda at Design Miami/ Basel 2023. Photo credit - James Harris.

Partner Highlights/

Flap³ by Cyril Lancelin/

Cyril Lancelin is proud to present Flap³, an interactive artwork that explores the relationship between the viewer, the artwork, and technology. In partnership with Google and Design Miami/, Flap³ uses 12 Soli radar sensors - a miniature radar developed by Google ATAP that understands human motions at various scales - visitors can influence the form and create a unique ever-evolving shape through their movements and speed, resulting in a dialogue and gesture between the viewer and the artwork.

Flap³ by Cyril Lancelin at Design Miami/ Basel 2023. Photo credit - James Harris.

IRTHI Capsule Collections/

This year, Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council will be present across Design Miami/ Basel’s physical and digital programming. Irthi engages with women artisans across the UAE, Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia regions to empower them economically and socially through vocational training and upskilling programs, ensuring the preservation of Indigenous craft heritage. Within the fair, Irthi will exhibit Traditional Methods in Modern Design, a physical research-based presentation that demonstrates the ongoing effort to question and uncover ways of making and consuming within the domestic and built realms.

Simultaneously, Irthi will have a digital storefront on, titled IRTHI Capsule Collections. Highlights include the Safeefah Chair, in which designers Laura Blasco, Juanmi Juárez, and Alex Estévez from Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio and Emirati designer Ghaya Bin Mesmar have envisioned a new use for the traditional palm frond weaving technique used in ‘Areesh’ desert houses and Zuha II, an asymmetrical wooden box fused with handwoven Emirati single Talli (handwoven braids) and mother of pearl inlay in geometric shapes as decorative elements.

Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council at Design Miami/ Basel 2023. Photo credit - James Harris.

Digital Tour/

Powered by Matterport’s digital twin technology, Design Miami/ Basel is delighted to offer viewers around the world to virtually experience this year’s fair through an immersive, dimensionally accurate, digital replica of the 47,000 square foot (or 4400 square meter) exhibition space. Discover the showfloor via this link.


The Design Miami/ team would like to thank the fair’s creative partner, Made Thought, for developing the Design Miami/ Basel 2023 visual identity. The team would also like to thank Audi for its collaboration as a partner at this year’s fair, offering a fleet of electric cars for complimentary travel for Member-level VIPs.

Design Miami/ Basel 2023 Galleries/

Angela Weber Möbel

Foreign Agent

Friedman Benda

Galerie DOWNTOWN Francois Laffanour

Galerie Eric Philippe

Galerie Gastou

Galerie Jacques Lacoste

Galerie kreo

Galerie Maria Wettergren

Galerie Matthieu Richard

Galerie Meubles et Lumières

Galerie Mitterrand

Galerie Pascal Cuisinier

Galerie Patrick Seguin


Galleria Antonella Villanova

Galleria Rossella Colombari

Gokelaere & Robinson

Jousse Entreprise

Ketabi Bourdet Design


Morentz Gallery


Pierre Marie Giraud

Thomas Fritsch-ARTRIUM

Thomsen Gallery

Schedule of Events/

Preview Day/ By Invitation Only/

Monday, June 12/

Collectors Preview, 12–6pm

VIP Preview, 6–8pm

Public Show Days/

Tuesday, June 13/ 10am-7pm

Wednesday, June 14/ 10am–7pm

Thursday, June 15/ 11am–7pm

Friday, June 16/ 11am–7pm

Saturday, June 17/ 11am–7pm

Sunday, June 18/ 11am–6pm

Visiting the Fair/

Tickets to the fair can be purchased here.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy Of Design Miami


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