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Delavie Sciences’ Aeonia™ Line Reaches to The Stars for the Latest in Skincare Innovation

Delavie Sciences offers the latest in skincare innovation, providing cutting edge products that feature scientifically proven patented ingredients. Co-founded by Dr. David Sinclair, a distinguished Harvard geneticist with an expertise in longevity, and Delavie president Dr. Kyle Landry, who studied extremophiles, specifically those that can reduce the effects of aging, the doctors merged their knowledge and leveraged exclusive technology researched by astronauts to create a novel skincare line created of life, for life.

Delavie Sciences’ first product line, Aeonia™, which launched in October 2022 includes the Age Defying Serum and Eye Refresh which are formulated with patented ingredient, Bacillus Lysate. This proprietary ingredient is the first biological cosmetic to be recognized as Space Certified Technology™ by the Space Foundation™ and is clinically shown to help restore moisture to your skin, regulate visible signs of aging, significantly reduce UVA-induced ROS levels, activate DNA repair enzymes, and stimulate hyaluronic acid production.

“Longevity and skincare go hand in hand—you can’t think of one without the other. Though skincare cannot extend the longevity of one’s life, it can improve one’s life by increasing confidence, and, thus, the power to face each day head on, with positivity.” - Dr. David Sinclair, Delavie Sciences Co-Founder

Out-Of-This-World Results

The Aeonia™ Age Defying Serum and Eye Refresh have gone through extensive clinical testing, proving the power of Bacillus Lysate. A study on the Aeonia™ Age Defying Serum was performed on 34 subjects for twenty-eight of consistent Aeonia™ Age-Defying Serum use morning and night. Subjects ages varied from 35 to 70 years old of varying ethnicities and skin types. The results showed an increase in skin’s firmness, tightness, and elasticity, immediately and over time.

Conclusions from Expert Grading:

  • Visibly improves skin’s overall smoothness

    • Improved appearance of skin smoothness by 41.90% after 28 days

  • Visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 35.39% after 28 days

  • Visibly improves radiance

    • Improves radiance by 26.50% after 28 days

  • Visibly improves skin’s firmness

    • improves skin’s firmness by 48.66% after 28 days

The Aeonia™ Eye Refresh, designed to be used with the Age Defying Serum, also proved to improve the appearance of skin. Formulated with ferulic acid, resveratrol, Vitamin B6, caffeine, Vitamin B3, polymers and peptides, the eye cream includes antioxidants and rejuvenating ingredients to restore the sensitive skin around the eyes. In a twenty-eight-day clinical trial with subjects of different skin types, imaging from a VISIA© CA device showed a statistically significant reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark spots.

Expert Clinical Grading evaluations from clinical imaging using VISIA© CA device:

  • Fine Lines- A statistically significant reduction was observed after 28 days of product use for fine lines

  • Wrinkles- A statistically significant reduction was observed after 28 days of product use for Wrinkle

  • Puffiness/Under Eye Bags- A statistically significant reduction was observed after 28 days of product use for Puffiness/Under Eye Bags-

  • Dark Spots Intensity- A statistically significant reduction was observed after 28 days of product use for Dark Spots Intensity

Our Mission

Aside from preserving and renewing skin, our mission is to bring innovative and functional ingredients to the personal care industry. Any product we develop starts with customers’ needs in mind. Delavie Sciences exists to improve our customers’ lives and confidence. To do your best, you must feel your best, and it all starts with your skin. Delavie Sciences has the background and potential to expand into almost every area of consumer care products, including everything from hair care to household cleaners. We plan to partner with companies that can help us leverage our current and future novel ingredients to bring the highest-quality personal care products to the market. Producing superior, science-backed, and safe products is our priority. Delavie Sciences is science-driven and result-focused.

Of life, for life.

Discover Delavie Sciences

You can purchase the Aeonia™ Age Defying Serum ($125) and Eye Refresh ($75) on

Follow Delavie Sciences on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter @ delaviesciences

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Delavie Sciences


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