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Dedication To Sustainability: Truluck’s Commitment to Quality & Sustainable Seafood

Fresh and never frozen Florida Stone crab is the hallmark of Truluck’s commitment to quality and sustainability. This commitment is extended to all offerings. Truluck’s never serves endangered or overfished species, and always follows Ocean Conservancy guideline.

Each year Truluck’s captures, prepares, and serves 200,000 pounds of fresh Florida Stone crab. Relationships with crabbers spanning several decades ensures deliveries from trap to table in less than 24 hours. This guarantees quality, freshness, and the flavor a Stone crab claw from Truluck’s is famous for.

Sustainably sourcing iconic items like Florida Stone crab comes with great responsibility. Unlike other fisheries, the claw is the only part of the crab harvested. Stone crab are known for their large claws which account for more than half of their body weight. Once pulled, the crab is returned to the water and given ample time for regeneration, preserving the life of the crab. The fresh season runs from October to May and all Stone crab harvesting is halted outside of these months. If you find yourself with Stone crab in June, it isn’t fresh and you aren’t at Truluck’s.


Truluck’s invests heavily in the development and recognition of their people. From busboys to leadership, there are many employees whose tenure exceeds the industry standard for length of time with one company. Managing Partner, Kim Vazquez and Chef Odel Arencibia are wonderful examples of individuals who plays a crucial role in building the culture of Truluck’s through kindness, knowledge, and leadership.

“We treat each other with the respect and dignity deserved. We find joy and self-worth in our work. We mentor those around us. We work hard to be great teammates. We help shape and contribute to the culture most have always wanted and could never find. We may not have been the first stop, but we work hard to be the last.” – Kim Vazquez, Managing Partner


Today, Fresh Florida stone crab claws still take center stage, available in three standard sizes, alongside other seafood offerings such as Prime Alaskan King Crab, South African Lobster Tail, colossal New England Scallops, Dutch Yellowtail, Norwegian Salmon and Hawaiian Ahi Tuna. Cuts of beef are hand selected from true artisans with over 100 years of experience. All steaks are seasoned and broiled at 1200 degrees and finished with Truluck’s house steak seasoning. At Truluck’s, the beverage program is built to complement and enhance the culinary experience with over 70 wines by the glass and 250 by the bottle selections allowing for flexibility in dining and menu pairings. Truluck’s will have something for everyone from the adventurous to the connoisseur. Cocktails are lovingly hand-crafted with all the best spirits and mixers.

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Established in 1992 with the opening of its first location in Houston, TX, Truluck’s is proud to be privately held and fiercely independent. Since its inception, they have been committed to staying relevant to the markets by continually evolving resulting in a premier high-end seafood restaurant for many years. Today, Truluck’s has expanded to serve diners in twelve markets throughout Texas and Florida, in southern California, Chicago, and most recently in Washington, D.C. For more information about Truluck’s, please visit Visit Truluck’s on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Truluck’s


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