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DAG, a CEA Facilities Industry Leader, Announces New $14 Million Expansion Contract with Ascension Biomedical

Courtesy of Core Design Group

Coral Gables-headquartered DAG, an industry leader in the planning, design and construction of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities for the indoor agriculture industry, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a new contract for a $14 million expansion project for Ascension Biomedical’s indoor Cannabis cultivation facility. 


Ascension is an Ohio-owned craft cultivation facility that intends to provide the patients and consumers of Ohio with a higher level of quality and consistency in the cultivation of cannabis. This is embodied in the commitment to using clean growing practices, as well as harvesting and trimming 100% by hand. This helps to preserve the vital terpenes and cannabinoids, showcasing the unique characteristics and expressions of each cultivar.


Ascension’s craft operation is in a custom-built, 19,328-square-foot facility in Oberlin, Ohio. The expansion will add 27,314 square feet, totaling 46,642 square feet. The existing building will be adapted for post-harvest use and the new building will be utilized for cultivation. With a newly constructed 40 ft. high cultivation facility, the project will be comprised of two identical floors. This allows for a homogenous standard operating procedure, uniform canopy design, and a production resulting in greater yield of high-quality product.


“We are looking forward to expanding our cultivation operations to further serve the patients and consumers of Ohio,” said Fadi Boumitri, CEO of Ascension. “We engaged with DAG to help ensure our facility can produce the highest quality flower in Ohio from the moment it comes online. DAG has a reputation for getting cannabis facilities operational and performing at a high level, and that is exactly what we are expecting here.” 

Courtesy of Core Design Group

DAG is currently leading the preconstruction phase of the project handling design documentation, early procurement, and establishing final cost components. DAG has utilized the services of Core Design Group for the preparation of fully detailed construction drawings. Construction is commencing June 2024 with an estimated completion in March 2025. 


“It is a privilege to work with Ascension to help expand its indoor Cannabis cultivation facility in Ohio delivering integrated planning, design, and construction services,” said DAG CEO Mark Gemignani. “We are proud to collaborate with companies such as Ascension that are focused on providing a consistent, premium-level quality product.”

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of DAG


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